Harry Potter: Small Ripple's Cause Bigger Ripple's. HP/GW/HG

Chapter One; Question

Harry Potter watched sadly as his first friend in the world was walking away from him, leaving him with the Dursleys. Suddenly, a question sprung up in his mind.

"Hagrid", Harry called out, and Hagrid turned around, surprised.

"Yer, Arry", he asked.

"How do you get to Platform Nine and Three Quaters?", Harry asked.

Hagrid blushed, and he told Harry that he had to pass through the brick wall to get to the station. Harry seemed stunned, but he trusted his friend, so he told him thanks and said his goodbyes.

With that settled, Harry waited patiently for the summer to end. He named his owl Hedwig, after finding her name in an interesting topic in, 'History of Magic'. Harry found out he rather liked reading, as the Dursleys never let him read that much.

Soon, the day had arrived. Harry did as Hagrid instructed, and found himself next to the train. Harry dragged his trunk and cage to an empty compartment, and pulled out, 'Hogwarts, A History'.

Soon, the train started to move, and a girl with rather large teeth and bushy hair knocked on the door. "Hello, can i sit here? Everywhere else is full", she asked.

Harry nodded. "What's your name?" He was interested in this girl. She looked rather hopeful when she asked if she could sit with him.

"Hermione Granger, who are you?".

"Harry Potter".

"I've read about you", she said, and Harry chuckled with her enthusiasim with the word, 'read'. "Don't believe everything you hear", Harry told her wisely.

Soon, they got into a conversation about what kind of books they had read, and what house they wanted to be in. Harry didn't mind, but Hermione was settling in with either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.

Soon, they were interuped with a rather put off boy. "Have any of you seen my toad?", he asked rather shyly.

"We will help you look for him". The boy turned out to be Neville Longbottom, and no they did not find the toad. Harry found out he had something in common with Neville. Both were orphans, and both had relatives who belittled him.

The train passed off rather uneventful, other than one Draco Malfoy hoping he could make friends with Harry. Harry didn't, as Draco didn't like Hermione or Neville.

Soon, the train ride went to an end, and Harry, Hermione and Neville headed off to Hogwarts, and stared in awe at the magnificent castle in front of them.

Chapter Two; Sorting Hat

Next: Harry and friends get sorted.

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