Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars: Blackscreen Operations
Developer(s) Sierra Nine Eight Four Studios
Publisher(s) Sierra Nine Eight Four Studios
Distributor(s) Sierra Nine Eight Four Studios
Designer(s) SPARTAN-984
Engine Combination of Frostbite 2.0 and Havok
Genre(s) Third-person shooter, boss attack
Mode(s) Single-player only
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii

Super Smash Bros Smash Wars: Blackscreen Ops, commonly referred to as "Smash Ops" so to not confuse with Call of Duty: Black Ops, is the first in a series of developer games made as expansions to Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars.

Basic Summary

The plotline of Blackscreen Ops follows SPARTAN-984, who gave himself the nickname "Operator". A new virus goes around the entire World of Trophies, which is dubbed "Blackscreen" by UNSC officials. However, only Operator has the sense to escape in time. A few years later, when he returns, Blackscreen has infected all of the fighters. Realizing there's no other way to get them back, the dev character realizes it's up to him to literally beat some sense into them... one-by-one (in fact, every non-developer character in Smash Wars is a boss fight).

Commonly called a boss attack game, Blackscreen Ops would be very difficult if not for the weapons in-game - based off of Peace Walker's weapons list, they go from handguns to assault rifles to missile launchers. Each of the worlds in-game is fully explorable, and each of them have to be tackled in "episodes".

Operator will also be able to fight hand-to-hand and utilize CQC comboes. Though the game plays as a third-person shooter, hand-to-hand combat is also a necessary for survival.


Though Operator can utilize his hands, and the Humbler (a large purple stick which can shock enemies into stunned positions), the most important part of the game is the gunplay - without the proper arsenal for survival, and the fact that the universe enemies are mixed evenly between ranged and close-quarters attacks, Operator WILL perish quickly provided weapons are not used. Akin to Peace Walker, weapons will level up with usage, with three ranks (Rank 1 being the start). Each one provides an upgrade to the gun, whether or not it's a new feature or the regular enhancement of stats.


Glock - A powerful 20 round handgun which has good accuracy. The Glock will recieve a 33 round extended magazine at Rank 2 and will eventually get fully-automatic fire at Rank 3.

Handheld Grenade Launcher - A modified flare gun that fires grenades. Rank 3 adds a larger folding stock for less recoil.

S&W 500 - This is a powerful revolver firing .50 bullets. Rank 2 will give the weapon an eight inch barrel, and Rank 3 adds a laser sight to the weapon.

USP .45 - This .45 ACP automatic is standard military fare. Rank 2 gives it a supressor, and Rank 3 makes it permament.

M1911A1 - A handgun that harkens back to days past, the M1911 is stronger than the USP .45, but carries less ammo. As with the USP, Rank 2 gives it a supressor, and Rank 3 makes it permanent.

Mk. 23 Mod 0 - A handgun built by H&K for SEAL usage, equipped with a supressor and anesthetic darts. This gun counts towards a S Rank boss completion. Operator carries this as his starting pistol. Rank 2 increases supressor durability, and Rank 3 makes it permanent.

PSS - A PMM Makarov equipped with an internal supressor - of course, this gives it only six bullets. While it may be weak, it instant kills non-boss enemies at close range.

PMM Makarov - An improved Makarov handgun carrying 12 rounds. Since it's portable, Operator can run fast with it.


AA-12 - This fully automatic shotgun carries a small tactical scope for accurate combat. However, you may want to watch the 20 round drum - it empties fast.

Mossberg 590 - This military-upgrade Mossberg 500 shotgun is much better at combat than its civilian predecessor. Rank 3 gives it a supressor.

Mossberg 590 ACM - This accuratized Mossberg carries a choke, a longer barrel, and a scope for power at longer ranges.

SPAS 12 - The SPAS12 is a semi-automatic Italian-built shotgun with an effective track record.

Double-Barrel - The good ol' Double Barrel is a nice little staple shotgun which is very effective and deadly. Operator carries this as his starting shotgun. Rank 3 saws off the barrel and stock, increasing the Double-Barrel's damage.

Rubber Slug Double Barrel - This Double Barrel shotgun carries rubber slugs which incapacitate instead of kill, and thus it goes towards S Rank boss completion.

Assault Rifles

AN-94 - This advanced Russian assault rifle is an AK derivative capable of two-shot burst fire, giving it a high fire rate. It has a built-in foregrip from the ADM line of AK-derivative assault rifles.

AKs-74u - This AK carbine carries an ADM-style foregrip, but is otherwise a lightweight assault rifle to use.

G36A2 - This powerful German assault carbine carries a built-in red dot sight and lightweight polymer materials, making it one of the lightest assault rifles you can use.

FN FAL - The right arm of the free world still has some use - as a semi-automatic battle rifle, the FAL has the highest accuracy and damage of the assault rifles. Rank 2 gives it a laser sight to help with aiming.

M4A1 SOPMOD - The SOPMOD is a powerful ACOG scoped, laser emitter-equipped carbine rifle. Rank 2 gives it a combination smoke/frag grenade launcher, and Rank 3 gives it a permament supressor.

M16A4 MWS - This three-round-burst only assault rifle carries no optical attachments, but makes up for it with high accuracy. Operator carries this as his starting assault rifle. As with the SOPMOD, Rank 2 gives it a combination smoke/frag grenade launcher, and Rank 3 gives it a supressor.

AK-103 - This battle rifle is one of the deadliest and most reliable assault rifles Operator will use. Rank 2 gives it a frag/smoke/40mm scattershot launcher, which will prove useful in battles to come.

RPK-74 - The RPK is a heavy 40 round magazine variant of the AK-74 assault rifle not feature in this game. Rank 2 gives it a 100 round drum magazine, making it more like the AUG HBAR: a light machinegun rated on an assault rifle platform.

StG 77 - The StG carries a built-in foregrip and high-zoom Swarovski Scope, making it a formidible assault rifle to use: however, it can't upgrade.

Submachine Guns

Micro Uzi - This miniature assault pistol is the first SMG Operator carries into battle. Rank 2 gives it a supressor, and Rank 3 makes it permament.

MP5A3 - This improved MP5 carries a built-in flashlight for peering into dark areas.

MP5SD3 - The MP5SD3 is an MP5A3 with a built-in supressor with infinite durability.

UMP .45 - This extremely powerful submachine gun carries .45 caliber rounds. Rank 2 gives it a foregrip and Rank 3 gives it a drum magazine, turning it into the Tommy Gun of the future.

PP2000 - What the PP2000 lacks in accuracy and overexcels in fire rate, it makes up for this with 9mm overpressure bullets with explosive damage levels.

Sniper Rifles

Springfield - This WWII American bolt-action sniper rifle is loaded with anesthetic darts much higher in power than the Mark 23's. Rank 2 skeletonizes the stock, reducing weight, and Rank 3 gives it a supressor.

M24A2 - A powerful bolt-action sniper rifle chambered in .300 Remington. Operator uses this as his first sniper rifle. Rank 2 gives it a supressor, and Rank 3 makes it permanent.

M21 EBR - A deadly advanced sniper rifle made of lightweight polymers allowing for portability and accuracy. Rank 2 gives it a supressor, and Rank 3 makes it permanent.

L96A1 - A deadly British bolt-action sniper rifle firing magnum bullets, levelling infantry easily.

XM500 - A ten round bullpup experimental Barrett anti-armor sniper rifle, which must use bolt-action.

M82A1 - A ten round Barrett sniper rifle, this time not bullpup and semi-automatic.

SVU Dragunov - A modernized bullpup variant of the SVD Dragunov. Rank 3 gives the SVU a night-vision scope, allowing Operator to snipe at night.

WA2000 - A powerful bullpup sniper rifle utilizing armor-piercing bullets. It is incredibly accurate and the best anti-infantry sniper rifle (rivalled only by the M82A1), but is difficult to get ahold of.

Light Machineguns

M60E4 - This light machinegun fires 7.62mm ammunition and is the first LMG Operator carries into battle. Rank 2 shortens the barrel.

M249 SAW - This Squad Automatic Weapon, or SAW as it is nicknamed, can put out impressive rates of fire from a 200 round box magazine.

PKP - This next-generation PK machinegun carries a 100 round box magazine, but Rank 2 gives it a 200 round drum magazine.

MG4 - This light machinegun fires more slowly than others, allowing Operator to get more accurate shots in.

M134 - This mounted minigun is an effective defense tool, but in the capable Operator's hands it becomes the deadliest weapon ever built. However, it does slow him down siginificantly.

Rocket Launchers

AT4 - This is Operator's first missile launcher - it may be disposable, but it is deadly in the right hands. Plus, it's lightweight, which means many can be carried.

M202A1 - This unique quad-barrel rocket launcher fires incendary rockets which can set targets on fire.

Predator SRAW - This portable rocket launcher was built for assaulting tanks, and although it may be disposable it has the highest damage of a Rocket Launcher in-game. As well, the SRAW allows you to use fly-by-wire to direct the missile towards a target by aiming at it.

RPG-7 - This makeshift missile launcher is very deadly in the right hands - and since RPGs are lighter, more ammo can be carried. Rank 3 gives the RPG a small scope.

M2 Carl Gustav - The Carl Gustav recoilless rifle fires 83mm shells at high velocities. Though the reload is very long, the damage is worth the wait.

FIM-92 Stinger - This anti-aircraft rocket launcher is the only one in the game to possess homing capabilities, but it doesn't deal the damage people expect it to deal.

Boss Battles (Alphabetical Order)


Bowser - Bowser is a very difficult boss to fight, he has a LOT of Health. Thus, defeating him will not be easy. Bowser's Fire Breath is used every once in a while, and it will burn Operator's armor and injure him: it won't set him on fire but the DPS is insane so you'll want to dodge out of the way. Bowser Custom's Fire Breath can ignite Operator, however. His Flying Slam will send out a shockwave that you'll have to vault over: failure to do so can stun Operator, and on Bowser Custom will knock him out, requiring ten seconds to get back up. Finally, if he ever transforms into Giga Bowser then ensure you have an LMG at the ready: he will swat missiles back towards where they're fired.

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