Room Boo Portrait Ghost Floor
Anteroom Bootha ??? Second Floor
Armory UnderBoo King Harold Godwinson, The Leader of Anglo-Saxon Empire Third Floor
Artist's Studio Bootique Vincent Van Gore, The Starving Artist Third Floor
Astral Hall Boonswoggle Slimer Second Floor
Balcony Boolossus Boolossus, The Jumbo Ghost Third Floor
Ballroom Boo La La The Floating Whirlindas, The Dancing Couple First Floor
Bathroom (1F) ??? ??? First Floor
Bathroom (2F) ??? Miss Petunia, The Bathing Beauty Second Floor
Billiards Room Boohoo Slim Bankshot, The Lonely Poolshark First Floor
Boneyard Strikers Charged Boo Chuboo, The Pet Hamster of Numbah 3 Outside
Bottom of the Well ??? ??? Basement Floor
Breaker Room Boo B. Hatch Box Ghost, The Supplyer Ghost Basement Floor
Butler's Room PeekaBoo Shivers, The Wandering Butler First Floor
Cellar Booripedes Invisible SpongeBob & Patrick, The Invisible Sea Ghost Duo Basement Floor
Ceramics Studio TamBoorine Jarvis, The Jar Collector Third Floor
Clockwork Room Booscoaster Clockwork Soldiers, The Toy Platoon Third Floor
Cold Storage Room Boolderdash Sir Weston, The Chilly Climber Basement Floor
Conservatory Boomeo Melody Pianissima, The Beautiful Pianisst First Floor
Courtyard ??? Henry & Orville, The Twin Brothers Outside
Dining Room Boodacious Mrs. Luggs, The Glutton First Floor
Fortunetelling Room Booigi Madame Clairvoya, The Freaky Fortune-teller First Floor
Foyer ??? ??? First Floor
Graveyard ??? Count Darkula, The Cousin of Uncle Grimmly Outside
Guest Room Boonita ??? Second Floor
Hidden Room GumBoo ??? Second Floor
Kitchen Booligan Mr. Luggs, The Gluttonus Chef First Floor
Laundry Room Boogie Uncle Grimmly, The Hermit of the Darkness First Floor
Library ??? Neville, The Bookish Father Second Floor
Master Bedroom Boolicious ??? Second Floor
Mirror Room Kung Boo Lydia, The Mirror-Gazing Mother First Floor
Nana's Room Limbooger ???
Nursery TurBoo ??? Second Floor
Observatory ??? ??? Third Floor
Parlor Bamboo ??? Second Floor
Pipe Room Booffant ??? Basement Floor
Playroom ??? Chauncey, The Spoiled Baby First Floor
Projection Room ShamBoo Abraham "Abe" Lincoln, The 16th President of the United States of America First Floor
Rec Room Booregard Biff Atlas, The Bodybuilder First Floor
Rooftop ??? ??? Top floor
Safari Room Little Boo Peep Maude Flanders, The Wife of Ned Flanders Third Floor
Secret Altar King Boo King Boo, Bowser & Mario, The Dastardly Trio Basement Floor
Secret Room ??? ??? First Floor
Sewing Room Booette Nana, The Scarf-Knitting Nanny First Floor
Sitting Room Boolivia Sue Pea, The Dozing Girl First Floor
Small Balcony ??? ??? Second Floor
Storage Room GameBoo ??? First Floor
Study Taboo ??? Second Floor
Tea Room Mr. Boojangles Strikers Charged King Boo, The Strikers Charged Boo Team Captain Second Floor
Telephone Room Boomerang Adolf Hitler, The Fuhrer Third Floor
Twins' Room Booris Wrinkly Kong, The Wife of Cranky Kong Second Floor
Wardrobe Room GameBoo Advance ??? Second Floor
Washroom (1F) ??? ??? First Floor

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