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" | Black smoke attack Heavy cannons on the side of his car mode

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Heavy cannons on the side of his car mode

Whether engaged in raging battle or friendly conversation, seldom is Smokescreen up to what he appears to be up to. More likely, an ulterior purpose exists. In combat, his job is to lead the enemy astray, to prevent him from discovering the true nature of an Autobot strategy until it is too late for the enemy to counter it. It is a job he performs with great proficiency. His duplicity carries over to his personal affairs as well. Charming and affable, it is easy for Smokescreen to use his genuine camaraderie with his fellow Autobots in order to root out their deepest concerns. And, at Optimus Prime's request, that is exactly what Smokescreen does, because Optimus feels that his role as Autobot leader creates a personal barrier between himself and his followers that he cannot overcome alone. Strangely enough, in Optimus' eyes, the most devious of the Autobots is also the most trusted.

Smokescreen killed terradive and Jetblade but was unable to save Shockwave from the Sith.

Smokescreen was seen using smoke to evade attacks on Korriban but Darth Grievous's sith magic has deeply injured the Autobot.

Smokescreen survived the War and was seen on Cybertron being hailed as a hero after the Transformers Wars and was doing a race with his other fellow Autobots.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Smokescreen was seen battling the Sith during the Autobots last stand against the forces of evil. Despite the smoke he used he was killed when those monsterous cape wearing villains shoot him to death.


In car mode, Smokescreen can emit from his tailpipe a thick, black cloud of smoke that has the additional property of gravitating toward metallic objects, such as enemy Decepticons. In robot mode, his twin shoulder-mounted launchers shoot missiles that shatter into thousands of shards that produce a variety of radio signals, magnetic fields and infrared waves, wreaking havoc on the radar and guidance systems of enemy aircraft. His disruptor rifle shoots a web of electrical energy that can short out and interfere with the proper operation of any electrically powered target. Smokescreen often uses his metal axe as a backup weapon.

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