Scott PilgrimEdit

Snake: Who is that?

Otacon: You don't know? That's Scott Pilgrim.

Snake: Is it an unwritten rule that everyone here has to have a lame name?

Otacon: I don't think you should be saying that so loud.

Snake: Why?

Otacon: I heard that he has a flaming sword that can turn people into coins with one blow. I also heard that he has a devastating 64-hit combo that can hurt you a lot, and really quickly, too.

Snake: That's not very promising.

Otacon: Well, don't be scared of him! He can probably sense fear!

Ramona FlowersEdit

Snake: Whoa, that's some flashy hair.

Mei Ling: I heard she colors her hair every week and a half.

Snake: Really? That sounds fickle and impulsive.

Mei Ling: Yes, but I wouldn't say that to her face. Ramona Flowers has some battle scars and she is very pretty to boot.

Snake: Kind of like you, Mei Ling?

Mei Ling: (giggles) I'm being hit on by Solid Snake again? Well, I also wouldn't hit her in front of Scott Pilgrim. As far as I know, they're dating.

Snake: So now everyone that has a lame name is dating?


Snake: What a geek.

Colonel: Snake, you're in trouble now.

Snake: How?

Colonel: Some people think Gideon is just a record dealer, but he is a crafty swordsman as well. He is one of the Seven Deadly Exes of Ramona Flowers.

Snake: No wonder she dumped him. He actually has a pretty interesting name.

Colonel: Watch out for his pixel bullets and double swords. He killed the great Scott Pilgrim until he came back to life.

Snake: Anything else?

Colonel: I also heard that when Scott Pilgrim and Knives Chau doubled up on him, they barely beat him. He also takes a lot of time to defeat once you've got him.

Snake: Whatever you say, Colonel.

(Knives coming soon)

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