Snow White II: A New Beginning is the direct sequel of Disney's 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The film shows Snow White's new journey of adjusting being a new queen after the Prince has inherited his father's throne.


After what happened in the first film, Snow White and Prince Ferdinand tries to live happily ever after, but they soon discover startling news; the Prince must inherit his father's throne placing him as the new king, but forcing Snow White to become his new queen. Seeing this is hard being a queen, Snow White seeks help from the Prince's personal advisor, Countess Estella and as well the Countess's bumbling daugthers, Hailey and Melody. With the Countess's help, Snow White seems to nab it to perfection but several obstacles stands between her and the Prince's king inauguration day and those are the return of her friends, the seven dwarfs and their special guest--their cousin; and as well the Prince's nephew, Zephyr, and his pet goat Goldie. However, the Countess attempts to nab the queen spot by doing her best not to put Snow White near that throne placing any hopes for Snow White to become the new queen in serious danger.


  • Snow White: daughter of a great king whose wife died when the daughter was very young, later was the stepdaughter of wicked Queen/Witch; once posioned by a apple, a kiss from Prince Ferdinand revives her and now she must adjust being the queen after she learns the Prince is set to become king. (Hayden Pantierre)
  • Prince Ferdinand: son of a wealthy king; he discovered a very ill Snow White and kiss her reviving her; now, he learns his father is settling down from throne and he is next to be the new king. He soon realize Snow White is destined to be his queen. (Matt Latner)
  • Countess Estella: one of Prince Ferdinand's cloeset advisors, she helps Snow White being the queen, but what nobody relize she is really doing it so she can get the throne and become the new queen by any means. (Jane Seymour)
  • Hailey: One of the Countess's bubling daughters. (Jennifer Hale)
  • Melody: Another one of the Countess's bubblin daughters. (Jennifer Garth)
  • Zephyr: Prince Fedrinand's kid nephew reluclantly helps Snow White a few times and suprisingly teams up with the dwarfs when he discovers the Countess's true purpose. (Corey and Dylan Spouse)
  • The King: Prince Fedrinand's father and soon to be former king when he steps down, he requests his son to take his place. (Rip Torn)
  • The Seven Dwarfs: The dwarfs returns to help their old friend, Snow White, once again; meets a new friend, Zephyr and Goldie, and unintentionally watch over their long lost cousin, Crazy.
    • Doc
    • Grumpy
    • Dopey
    • Happy
    • Sleepy
    • Sneezy
    • Bashful
  • Crazy: The Dwarf's long lost cousin; he has a act of being weird and all out wild. (Jim Cummings)
  • Goldie: Zephyr's pet goat.


There are five new songs and the other two songs are remixes of the original songs from the first film

  • "Some Day My Prince Will Come" - The Cheetah Girls
  • "The Silly Song" - Aly and AJ
  • "A Queen I'll Become" - Hayden Pantierre
  • "Just Us Two" - Ashley Tisdale
  • "Bashful,Doc,Dopey,Grumpy,Happy,Sleepy,Sneezy...Don't Forget Crazy!" - The Jonas Brothers
  • "That Wish is What You Get" - Raven
  • "My Love is Our Love" - Hayden Pantierre

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