So You Think is a 2001 Australian Slasher film written by Ben Briand and Everett De Roche and directed by Ben Briand

It stars Alex Borstein, Simon Baker, Daniela Farinacci, Jessica Cauffiel, Diora Baird, Stephen Curry, Alex Borstein and Alison Lohman.


A Bullied obese eleven year old girl Constance Chaney attends her elementary school dance in hope of geting a date with the most popular boy in school.

He however humiliates her along with three nasty bully girls.

Now in their adolescent ages the three girls and that boy are targeted by a murderous maniac with plans to pick them off ironically with their last insults to the poor overweight Constance Chaney.


  • Alex Borstein as Constance Chaney
  • Simon Baker as Craig Kettlewell/ Most Popular Boy at Abraham High School and ex-boyfriend of Sandra Martez
  • Jessica Cauffiel as Ashley Markowitz/ Bully Girl Ring Leader
  • Daniela Faranacci as Lisa Edelstein/ Bully Girl #2
  • Diora Baird as Chelsea Matthews/ Bully Girl #3
  • Stephen Curry as Steven Sonja/ The Killer and boyfriend of Constance Chaney
  • Alison Lohman as Rita Bishop/ Witness and protagonist
  • Claire Danes as Kiara Paterson/ Rita's best friend
  • Clea DuVall as Sandra Martez/ Ex-Girlfriend of Craig Kettlewell and beginning victim
  • Claire Kramer as Amanda Cady
  • Ian Somerhalder as Craig Olsen/ Lonely Drifter with a keen interest for Rita Bishop though is sought after by Amanda

The Two Parts

The film is seperated into two victim parts:

The first is a Vengeance sequence which begins with a an eleven year old obese Constance sought after by a loser boy named Steven and her harboring a crush on her school's most popular boy Craig.

There is to be a Formal Dance and she is sent a letter by her school's three most popular girls who pretend to be Craig asking for her to go the dance with him.

She arrives and finds it be a prank and is humiliated as Craig states he would never go out with anyone as ugly and her and as Craig's 11 year old girlfriend Sandra states that she might as well go kill herself.

The scene then goes to a now a nineteen year old Sandra who is at her house on call with her brother Marckus.

We find through the conversation she is still in a relationship with Craig.

She is soon then killed in her home by a voodoo mask wearing maniac.

The scene then continues on to show the now nineteen year old bully girls and Craig who are soon also picked off by the Voodoo Mask Wearing Killer.

The killer goes after Chelsea first then Lisa and then the bully girl leader Ashley who are all picked off in ironic reference to the last nasty comment they uttered to Constance Chaney when they were eleven.

Craig is killed last and then the second and main part of the film begins.

The second part sees a group of girls at a school with a nineteen year old Constance.

The leader of Constance's girlfriends is a nice blonde named Rita.

Rita however gets into an argument with Constance and soon her girly group abandons her as a friend.

The girls are then picked off by the Voodoo Maks wearing killer. 

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