Image of galactic empire
Solarian Empire
Political information
Type of government
  • Absolute monarchy (de jure)
  • Humanocentric authoritarian empire (de facto)
Founding document

Proclamation of the Solarian Empire


Constitution of the Solarian Empire

Head of State

Solarian Emperor

Head of Government

Solarian Emperor


Solarian Emperor

De facto leader

Solarian Emperor

Executive branch

Solarian Council of Ministers

Legislative branch
Judicial branch

Imperial Court

Societal information

Solaria (formerly Earth)

Official language

Imperial English Standard


Imperial Credit Standard

State religious body
National holiday

Solarian Empire Day


Long Live the Solarian Empire!

Historical information
Formed from
  • United Federation of Planets
  • Remants of Romulan Star Empire
Date of establishment


Date of reorganization



Solarian Empire era

The Solarian Empire', also known as the 'Imperium of Solaris or the Solarian Imperium, is a galaxy-spanning empire. The Empire is ruled by the God Emperor and the Royal Family, which are his long line of Daughters. The empire became xenophobic after an unprovoked alien attack on the home world of Solaris Prime, an event that lead the attacker to extension. though xenophobic of many alien races they hold many auxiliaries and each loyal soldier is granted citizenship after years of service. Solarians do not tolarate crime in any way or form and execute traitors and criminals instead of prisons terms, they are an extremely war-like people and as such hold the largest army and navy in the known galaxy. The greatest thing any solarian can do is serve in the Imperial Legion or the Imperial Navy.

The Empire was established in 3164bc by The God Emperor, and has stood for over 5 thousand years, solarians share a very common ancestry with the humans of the United Federation of Planets, and as such aid them from time-to-time. Solarians refer to humans as terrans and Earth as Terra. They're intelligence agencies are among the greatest in the universe, spying on everyone and everything, as are there assassins the Solarian Death Masks are Feared by everyone including Solarians themselfs, silent and deadly once a Death Mask marks its target, its too late. the empire helped win the Dominion war with precision striking at enemy weapon factories, shipyards, cloning facilities, Ketracel White plants, listening posts and assassination of key military commanders.

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