Solomon & Ally is a 1998 American Drama Thriller film written by Richard Linklater & Matthew Vaughn and directed by Martin Campbell starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Maulik Pancholy, Matthew Rhys, Anthony Anderson, A.J Langer, Kristin Booth, Chris Evans, Lynne Ramsay, Shane Taylor, Justin Whalin, Elijah Wood, Joseph Kosinski, David Harbour, Ryan Seacrest and featuring Haley Joel Osment.

It also features performances from Xzbit, Natasha Leggero and a contributing cameo from Nick Stahl.

The Film is the Winner of 2 Academy Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Actor: 1998 Danny Trejo as well as a winner for Golden Globe for Best Film Ending.


The Six foster sons of a Community Service widow mid 30's woman murder one of the men from a feared small time gang responsebile for her senseless execution and ensure their placement in the top notch Ally Garden State Penitentiary Centre where the rest of the members of the gang responsebile for killing currently reside.

They plan the big revenge and plan forward also for their big escape along with the help of a Mexican Janitor whom once served as an inmate at the place.

They however do not count on the guards of Ally Garden being sick perverted rapists whom their own little gang.

Their ultimate revenge against their recently taken away foster mother becomes expanded as they branch the vengeance to not only the evil gang the Darkened Day but the sick Ally Garden Guard Rapist Gang the Bulletin Four.

Ultimatley the youngest of the six sons gang the Brother's Solomon meet their end at the hands of the guards and one final Darkened Day: The Big Cheese leader himself.

What transpires following is a courageous sacrifice and the true example that everyone will have someone to support them and that no-one will ever be alone in an ordeal to which they truly need help.


  • Leonardo Di Caprio as Charlie Campbell "Fox"
  • Maulik Pancholy as Dominique Campbell "Snake"
  • Matthew Rhys as Walt Campbell "Fish"
  • Anthony Anderson as Alan Campbell "Shark"
  • Chris Evans as Abraham Campbell "Cheetah"
  • Haley Joel Osment as Robbie Campbell "Bird"
  • A.J Langer as Cleopatra Nicholai II/ Charlie's corner street love and bearer of never seen baby son
  • Danny Trejo as Janitor Lorito Guerrez-Bosas
  • Kristin Booth as Carmen Sandruzzi/ Cocaine Addicted Ex-Wife of Multimillionaire Architect to whom she inherited all the money of and large lakeside residence of. She is the love interest of Dom having dated him on and off passionatley during high school together at the reclusive private school St. Cherlotte's until her accountant father of whom she loved very much left her poor file clerk mother.
  • Lynne Ramsay as Ally Garden Propietor Claudia Sardeen
  • Shane Taylor as Ally Garden Guard Brock Forling
  • Justin Whalin as Ally Garden Guard Cameron Sudinski
  • Elijah Wood as Ally Garden Guard Brett Linvan Cart
  • Joseph Kosinski as Blacken Day Member Forrester "Enforce"
  • David Harbour as Blacken Day Leader Mozzarti "Import"
  • Karisma Kapoor as Tantin Stripper 1
  • Natasha Leggero as Cadence Stripper 2
  • Leah Cairns as Colly Stripper 3
  • Lisa Brenner as Beading Stripper 4/ Abe's Love Interest
  • Alec Newman as Charlie's Cellmate Covac The Child Molester
  • Tobias Menzies as Dom's Cellmate Jedidah The Peaceful Parishioner
  • Jason Graham as Walt's Cellmate Capricorn Wallace
  • Xzbit as Alan's Cellmate Box
  • David Dencik as Abe's Cellmate Louie Francscouie The Transvetite with Uncontrollable Anger and ADHD
  • Damien Wayne Echols as Blacken Day Muscle Member Madman
  • Nick Stahl as Blacken Day Member Calvin Deansworth/ The Frightened Boy on the Outside whom works as the ticket to the inside


  • Uninvited- Alanis Morrissette
  • Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)- The Offspring
  • You Get What You Give-New Radicals
  • Save Tonight- Eagle Eye Cherry
  • Are You Jimmy Ray- Jimmy Ray (Sung by the Brother's Solomon on the fifth week of routine in Ally Garden as they prepare for Laundry Duty to conceal to the weapons)
  • Every Morning- Sugar Ray

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