Harry Potter. It is another day at Hogwarts. Only this time, Vampires have overan the school. Can Harry and Ginny and their friends survive.


Harry was sitting in his class, near enough asleap as Binns kept going on about the Goblin War. He looked at Ron and Hermione, who were snogging.

Harry made an face at them, and Hermione blushed. Harry would be snogging Ginny, if they were in the same class. Harry looked at the map, and saw Ginny.

However, she seemed to be running away from two people called Frank Brown and Janet Smith. Harry relised she was close to this class.

The class heard an scream. Harry turned around and saw Ginny running away from Brown and Smith. However, there was something about them that made Merlin puke.

Brown was covered in blood, teeth marks over his face. Smith was the same, except she was missing an arm. Everybody screamed.

Harry and Ginny quickly dodged the zombies and they heard screams. He turned around and saw Hermione and Ron running the opposite direction.

"Come on, we will take refuge in the room of requirement", Ginny screamed over the chaos as more zombies tried to grab them.

They found the room of requirement and opened the door. Harry told the room to only let normal people in, not zombies.

Ginny was crying. "What happened", Harry asked. Ginny looked at him, still crying. "We were in Potions, with the Ravenclaws.

We heard screams, and those things came in. They tore apart some students and Slughorn. I managed to escape and i heard Luna scream for help. I kept running".

She sobbed into Harry's arms. Harry was sad that his friend could be undead, and his other friends were in moral danger.

"I will look at the map", Harry looked at the map. Hermione and Ron were hiding in Gryffindor common room, along with the other gryffindor's.

"See, they are okay", Harry pointed at the map for Ginny. "What about Luna", she asked. Harry looked down. "Luna is there", he pointed.

Luna seemed to be hiding in the potions class. "She must be in the closet, hiding", Ginny whispered. "I'm going down there", Harry told her.

"No", Ginny stood up as Harry stood up. "Why not", Harry asked, confused. "Because you might get killed", Ginny was crying again.

"I promise i won't", he told her. "Yes you will", Ginny tried to prevent Harry from leaving, but he pushed her down into the couch.

"You can come with me if you want", he asked. "Yes", Ginny held onto Harry as they walked out of the room.


Hermione was trying to confront Lavendar Brown, who was bitten by the undead Nevile Longbottom. "It's okay", Hermione whispered.

"No it isn't", she looked up at Hermione. "I saw Partiva got bit by her sister, and she turned", she sobbed. "That d-", she was cut off when Lavendar suddenly died.

Hermione was shocked. "Ro", Lavendar eye's shot back up, everywhere was white in her eyes. She moaned as any zombie would.

"Help", Hermione fell backward and everyone screamed as Lavendar got up. Ron tried to use an spell on Lavendar, but no spell came out.

Lavendar sprinted towards Hermione, and someone jumped in front of her. It was Seamus and his guts were ripped out.

Everyone screamed and were heading out the common room. Ron grabbed onto Hermione and both ran up toward the boy's dormitry.

They couldn't use spells, so they had to drag the bed and block the door. "I wonder why we can't use spells", Hermione moaned.

"I wonder what is happening", Ron snapped. Hermione instantly went quite. "I'm sorry. I'm trying to think if Harry and Ginny are alright", Hermione heard him mutter.

Meanwhile, Harry and Ginny were sneaking towards the dungeons. They had found an undead Nevile eating Snape, who's eyes begged Harry and Ginny to save him.

They weren't prepared at what they saw. They were twenty something undead wandering around the dungeon.

Harry grabbed his invisibility cloak out and put it under him and Ginny. They sneaked through the undead horde, even though they sniffed and looked for them.

They made it into the class room and saw an undead Slughorn and an undead Colin trying to break in the closet.

Harry grabbed an chair and bashed Colin, and then Slughorn, on the head. He opened the closet and saw Luna.

"Harry", for the first time in her life, Luna was distressed. "Thank goodness, and Ginny. You came back", she hugged both of them.

However, the zombies broke into the classroom, leaveing the trio surrounded.


Ron and Hermione relised the common room was quite and dragged the bed away from the door. Ron walked down stairs, holding Hermione's hand.

They saw Lavendar wandering about, along with Seamus and another gryffindor girl. Ron and Hermione managed to outrun them and they closed the potrait.

They relised all the people in the potraits had ran away, even though the zombies wouldn't be able to get them anyway.

They relised the stairs weren't moving either, so they managed to get down quicker. They were heading to the room of requirement.

They found it, and found Cho Chang trying to fight an undead Dean. Ron grabbed Dean and threw him down to the floor.

The three of them quickly ran inside and told the room not to let zombies in. Cho was awkward, not talking to either of the two.

"Uhh, i wish Harry and Ginny was here", Hermione shouted. Just then, two pops were heard. The three of them turned around, and saw Harry and Ginny.

"Luna", Ginny gasped. "I wish Luna was here", Hermioen quickly said, and an crying Luna apeared. "What is the wrong", Hermione asked.

Ron ran up to Ginny and hugged her, and then Harry. However, they never noticed Luna bow her head. She looked up, and her eyes were like Lavendars.

She ran up to Cho, who screamed as Luna hungrily bit into her. The four of them screamed and shouted. Hermione opened the door for them to escape, except more zombies flooded in.

Hermione was about to get bit when Harry dragged her to them and the four of them quickly ran. "I wish we were at Dumbledore's office", Harry whispered.

Four pops were made and Minerva and Dumbledore turned around. Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron apeared, and they were frightened.


"What is going on",

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