Son of the Joker is the first feature film (FFF) in the Son of the Joker film series and is about the Joker having a son, and abandoning it after his wife dies, and then his son is trying to become like his father.

Plot Edit

The film centered in Los Angeles, California, where the Joker's son (Played by Kevin Jonas) his name is Drake, and as he gets to a house, owned by 18-year-old Natalie Woods (Kirsten Dunst), and her mother, Karen Woods (Kate Beckinsale), and as they meet him, they get to know him, and as the night passes by, the military have found a huge hole with giant robots (Canon of Transformers), and as the robots awaken at night, Drake heads out and takes a bot on, and destroy's, and the next day, he notices he has scars on him, and his guardians for the moment sign the lease papers for Drake, finally, Drake is there's and they see his scars and tells him that he destroyed a bot from where the military dug up, and as the news says that a man destroys a bot, with bare hands and the next night, he battles another one, but, his foster mom, watch's it on the news, and as she sees him battling the bot, he plays a bull-fighting type style, and destroys the bot, and the next morning later, he is fine, but more scars, and as the news mentions, that they are awarding Drake for his battles against the bots, and as it hits night, all of the bots activate, and start destroying the town, and as Karen doesn't want Drake facing two many bots at once, he does it anyways, and is aired on television, and as Karen and Natalie are watching, they see that he is a vigilante, and as they award him 7 awards for valiant fights against those bots, and then a bot jumps out of nowhere, and then jumps into the park, they are able to get there fast enough, Drake hops on a anti-everything turret, and tears apart the bot, and the park, after tearing apart the bot, he then heads to his new home right after he makes a vow to protect LA, and in front of the camera, then the film ends.

Cast & Characters Edit

  • Kevin Jonas as Drake - Drake is the foster brother of Natalie, and the foster son of Karen. The main character, and the vigilante.
  • Kirsten Dunst as Natalie Woods - Natalie is the sister of dangerous vigilante Drake, and the daughter of Karen Woods.
  • Kate Beckinsale as Karen Woods - Karen is the over-protective mother and foster mother of Drake and Natalie, which she finds out that she cannot control Drake

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