Sonic: A WereAmy Story is a fanon story made by Declan Corey(DeathHeart311.) Amy(Sonic series) turns into a werehog and Tails, Sonic and SpongeBob need to find a cure.

Plot Edit

Sonic and SpongeBob was just minding his own buisness playing God of War IV when suddenly, Tails burst into Sonic's house. He tells the others that he got Sonic Unleashed 2 for the PS4. Sonic and SpongeBob are amazed. Amy asked Sonic to watch Lady and the Tramp 2, but Sonic had just refused. Amy felt sad. She was walking in a strange forest that night. A werewolf had attacked her! She had then got bitten​​. As the full moon was seen, she had started growing. Her dress and gloves were starting to rip, she started to have fangs and her hair-band snapped! She turned into a WEREHOG! Meanwhile, back at Sonic's house, SpongeBob asks Sonic why dosent he like Lady and the Tramp, but you wont belive this............Sonic said it's baby-ish! All of a sudden, a wolf howl was heard! Sonic thinks it's Tails' phone, but as they thinked that, WereAmy crashed into Sonic's house!

To Be Continued......................

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