Release Date

November 17, 2011 in department stores everywhere you go

Plot Summary

There's trouble ahead in Station Square when everybody else gets turned into stone statues and body switched for life.

Voice Portrayers

1. Roger Craig Smith as Sonic the Hedgehog/Supersonic and Metal Sonic (voices)

2. Travis Willingham as Knuckles the Echidna, Super Knuckles and Metal Knuckles (voices)

3. Kate Higgins as Tails the 2 Tailed Fox and Metal Tails (boy kid voices)

4. Kirk Thornton as Shadow the Hedgehog/Super Shadow and Metal Shadow (voices)

5. Vic Mignogna as Omega (robotic voice)

6. Kyle Herbert as Big the Cat (voice)

7. Nancy Cartwright as Froggy (voice)

8. Etsuko Kozaruka as Cheese the Chao (voice)

9. Cindy Robinson as Amy Rose and Metal Amy (voices)

10. Michelle Ruff as Cream the Rabbit and Metal Cream (voices)

11. Ice Cube as Jerry the Echidna and Metal Jerry (voices)

12. Jim Carrey as Speedy the Frog and Metal Speedy (voices)

13. Eric Stuart as Lightstorm the Parrot and Metal Lightstorm (voices)

14. Timothy Dalton as Leroy the Lion and Metal Leroy (voices)

15. Dustin Hoffman as Crasher the Beefy Elephant and Metal Crasher (voices)

16. Mike Pollock as Dr. Eggman (voice)

17. Jim Cummings as the president (voice)

18. Miranda Cosgrove as Sparkles the Ferret and Metal Sparkles

19. Alyson Stoner as Tiffany the Turtle and Metal Tiffany (voices)

20. Beatrice Miller as Bonnie the Coyote and Metal Bonnie (voices)

21. Megan Hollingshead as Maria Robotnik (in the past) (voice)

22. Keith Silverstein: Vector the Crocodile, Metal Vector and Professor Gerald Robotnik (in the past) (voices)

23. Troy Baker as Espio the Chameleon and Metal Espio (voices)

24. Colleen O’Shaughnessy as Charmy Bee and Metal Charmy (voices)

25. Ben Stiller as Kaleb the Tiger and Metal Kaleb (voices)

26. Steven Tyler as Sonic the Hedgehog’s soul singing voice (his soul singer’s voice)

27. Billy West as Tails the 2 tailed fox’s soul singing voice (his Freddie Mercury impersonation voice)

28. Will Ferrell as Shadow the Hedgehog’s baritone singing voice (his Robert Goulet impersonation voice)

29. Mr. T as Gamma (robotic voice)

30. Cree Summer Francks as Amy Rose’s soul singing voice (her soul singer’s voice)

31. Celine Dion as Cream the Rabbit’s soul singing voice (her soul singer’s voice)

32. Steve Martin as Pilot # 1 (voice)

33. Mark Hamil as Pilot # 2 (voice)

34. Maurice LaMarche as Mephiles the Dark Hedgehog (voice)

35. Rosearik Rikki Simons as Chocola the Chao (voice)

36. Danny Cooksey as George the Skunk and Metal George (voices)

37. Quinton Flynn as Silver the Hedgehog/Super Silver and Metal Silver (voices)

38. Laura Bailey as Blaze the Cat/Burning Blaze, Metal Blaze and Omochao (voices)

Controller Configurations

Z button: Action Window

A button: Jump

B button: Spin Dash, Light Dash, Kick, Dig, Shoot, Magical Hands, Attack, Laser Cannon, Sonic Wind, Chaos Freeze, Chaos Control, Chaos, Blast, Whistle, Throw, Pick Up, Mystic Melody and Look

+ button: Pause the game

  1. 1 button: Save the game

C button: Camera rotate

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