Sonormy is a virus/bacteria/parasite which caused a disease isolated to one sector that was destroyed by the outbreak.

The Symptoms

There are at least over 20 symptoms, but depending on the version (virus, bacteria, or parasite) they differ.


Sonormy has high resistances to all drugs, moisutre, heat, and cold.

Transmission methods

Sonormy spreads through rodents, insects, water, and air.

Pandemic II history

I made this disease using Pandemic II (on ArcadePreHacks). I'll compress all events into a single day timeframe (most events happen within one day)

Round 1-Parasite

Day 1-Parasite starting point, in Mexico. Modifications include all transmission forms and resistance IV for all, plus sores.The

Day 2-Parasite spreads to Mexico's water table, and arrives in the US and Peru.

Day 3-The MEC government attempts to stop infection by closing borders, New Zealand closes its shipyards, and Mexico, albeit too late, starts donning masks. The parasite moves to Canada. Fatigue and fever are added.

Day 4-Jose Reginald, a Mexican born to a US family, is the first ever victim of the disease. Most world governments attempt to do something, but by now the disease spreads to Argentina and Brazil, and instantly corrupts the water table of the latter area. With this, the entire American supercontinent (North and South America) is infected, but the Old World and Third World are fine in standing.

Day 5-The governments begin to start a vaccination program. All Tier I and three Tier II symptoms are added.

Day 6-All world transport has stopped completly. The rest of the symptoms are added and the killing spree begins.

Day 7-The US suffers from a drought, which hampers the disease progress--but not for long as the heat resistance begins. Canada follows the same path. Peru is driving the same road.

Day 8-Mexico, Argentina, and Canada are biological wastelands. Peru and Brazil follow.

Day 9-The last United States victim, John Randico, dies alone, ending the tyranny of the Sonormy parasite forever.

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