Sophie's older sister is a Bitch is an song performed by Jerrick Washington in There a Trouble when Sophie's older sister Stephanie Prescott is headmaster in they school.


  • Jerrick: Is all Stephanie,s fault.
  • Sophie: Shup up Jerrick.
  • Jerrick: She is bitch and make rule very bad.
  • Sophie: Don,t say it Jerrick.
  • Jerrick: ♪ Well..... ♪
  • Sophie: Don,t do it.
  • Jerrick: ♪ Well..... ♪
  • Sophie: I mean it.
  • Jerrick: Ok ok.
  • Sophie: I get tired when he call Stephanie is.....
  • Jerrick: ♪ Well, Sophie's older sister is a Bitch because she is stupid in our school.
  • Jerrick: We know Stephanie is headmaster and I know she is a bitch ♪
  • Sophie: Shut your damn mouth Jerrick

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