Sorority Row: The Revenge is an American horror-slasher movie, starring Eliza Bennett, Michelle Trachtenberg, Emma Bell, Aisha Dee,


A new group of sorority sisters are taunted by a killer. The killer know one of the sorority sisters, Chloe Lloyd in the past. The killer get his/her revenge. Chloe and the other has to stop the killer with the help from Elise and Claire (From Sorortiy Row 3 and Sorority Row 7)



  • Eliza Bennett as Chloe Lloyd
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Sophie Cooper
  • Emma Bell as Elise/From Sorority Row 3 and Sorority Row 7
  • Aisha Dee as Claire/From Sorority Row 3 and Sorority Row 7
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA




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