Sorority Row 14: The Horror of Theta Pi is an American horror-slasher movie starring Logan Browning, Emma Roberts, Kate Todd, Matthew Knight, Shantel VanSanten, Meghan Martin, Victoria Justice, Taylor Lautner, Kay Panabaker, Scout Taylor-Compton, Abigail Breslin, Sophia Bush, Sharni Vinson, Claire Holt, Britt Robertson, Georgie Henley, Meagan Good, Haley Bennett and Haley Webb


A new group of sorority sisters are taunted by an unknown killer. It's up to Janessa, Casey, Jamie, Ethan, Bobbi, Jill, Angie, Nathan, Karen, Tatum and Abby to stop this once and for all.


Logan Browning as Janessa

Emma Roberts as Casey

Kate Todd as Jamie

Matthew Knight as Ethan

Shantel VanSanten as Bobbi

Meghan Martin as Jill

Victoria Justice as Angie

Taylor Lautner as Nathan

Kay Panabaker as Karen

Scout Taylor-Compton as Tatum

Abigail Breslin as Abby

Sophia Bush as Olivia

Sharni Vinson as Vivian

Claire Holt as Gabby

Georgie Henley as Candace

Meagan Good as Tia

Haley Bennett as Natalie

Haley Webb as Erin


Casey, Jamie, Ethan, Jill, Angie, Nathan, Karen, Tatum, Abby and Olivia


Erin- She is stabbed to death

Natalie- She is stabbed several times

Candace- She is stabbed in the heart

Tia- She is decapitated

Vivian- She is shot through the head

Bobbi- Head bashed into wall several times

Janessa- She has her throat slit

Gabby- She is shot in the head by Casey

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