Sorority Row 2: New Blood Is An American Horror-Slasher Film Starring Katie Cassidy, Selena Gomez, Amber Heard, Lindsey Shaw, David Gallagher, Alexz Johnson, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ashanti, Shantel VanSanten, Michelle Trachtenberg, Emma Bell, Shenae Grimes, Matt O'Leary, Chord Overstreet, Briana Evigan and Caroline D'Amore.


It begins with Cassidy in a psychiatric hospital sleeping, she has a dream about the Theta Pi house burning down and killing the sorority sisters and she wakes up. She lays back down in her bed and feels a cold hand touching her and the killer stabs her multiple times and she dies.

At the Theta Pi sorority house, the sorority sisters are having a party and when Carly, one of the sorority sisters goes to the kitchen to get some snacks she sees her boyfriend, Roger having sex with another sorority sister and she runs off crying to her friends. She tells her friends that she saw Roger having sex with another sorority sister and they decide to play a prank on him.

Roger and Carly are making out and Carly has a seizure and he runs off telling the sorority sisters and they take her body to the truck and drive away. They take her out of the truck and lay her down on the ground, Roger then finds out that Carly isn't dead and he grabs a knife and trys to kill her but Hannah sees this and stabs him in his chest, killing him. The sorority sisters decide to throw his body down a mineshaft (the one from the previous film) but Kelly, Carly, Hannah, Mandy and Vivian decide not too. The sorority sisters throw his body down the mineshaft and Ashley tells them to never speak of this and they drive away.

One year later, the sorority sisters are having a party at Theta Pi. Amber goes to the kitchen to get some beer, she gets a text message from Roger's phone saying that she will die, she screams and she is stabbed in her heart by the killer. Taylor hears this and goes to check on Amber but she doesn't find Amber and she is stabbed in her heart.

Rosie then gets a text message from Roger saying that she will die and she faints and Kelly and Ashley take her upstairs and put her in Ashley's room on her bed. Rosie then wakes up sweating and sees the door open slowly and she hides under the bed, she sees the killer walk in and he leaves. Rosie starts crying and is pulled out from under Kelly's bed. The sorority sisters hear her scream Kelly, Carly, Ashley, Hannah, Mandy, Wendy, Vivian and Tracy run upstairs and finds Rosie hanging from Ashley's ceiling fan and they start crying. The police take Rosie's corpse away and they leave. Tracy runs upstairs to her room crying and lays on her bed, the killer comes out of her closet and guts her.

Vivian comes in and sees this and the killer is revealed to be Garrett he grabs her and throws her out Tracy's window. Mrs. Andrews goes to her office and she is stabbed in her stomach multiple times and she is dragged down to the basement. Ashley decides they should split up by theirselves but Kelly says if they go alone they will all die then Ashley decides they should split up into two groups (first group: Kelly, Carly and Ben second group: Ashley, Hannah, Mandy and Wendy) and the two groups leave. As Ashley's group is walking in the hall, Garrett grabs Mandy and snaps her neck and slits Wendy's throat. Hannah tries to escape but she is stabbed in her throat and Ashley escapes and runs to tell the others.

Garrett then turns off the power and sets the house on fire. Kelly sees the house on fire and the sorority sisters run out of the house. Maggie tries to put out the fire, Garrett comes up behind Ashley and stabs her in her neck and Kelly, Ben and Carly run. They run into Maggie and Maggie sees Garrett and accidentally throws the machete at Carly's head and Kelly and Ben think that Maggie is the killer and they run upstairs to hide. Maggie finds them and Kelly pushes her off the railing and Maggie falls to the burning floor and they escape the burning sorority house.

2 weeks later, Kelly and Ben are walking in the park and the sit down on a bench, Kelly then gets a text message from an unknown number saying that she killed the wrong person and she is scared and looks around the park as the film ends.


Katie Cassidy as Kelly Milligan/ The Nice Sister

Selena Gomez as Carly Rodriguez/ The Shy Sister

Amber Heard as Ashley Grimes/ The Bossy Sister

Lindsey Shaw as Hannah Reagan/ The Brave Sister

David Gallagher as Ben Mitchell/ Kelly's Boyfriend

Alexz Johnson as Mandy Thompson/ The Goth Sister

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Wendy Carson/ The Rich Sister

Ashanti as Rosie Perkins/ The Nerdy Sister

Shantel VanSanten as Vivian Morris/ The Hot Sister

Michelle Trachtenberg as Tracy Graham/ The Slutty Sister

Courteney Cox as Mrs. Andrews/ The Housemother

Emma Bell as Taylor Smith/ The Good Sister

Shenae Grimes as Amber Corman/ The Drunk Sister

Matt O'Leary as Garrett Bradley/ The Killer

Chord Overstreet as Roger Fields/ Carly's Boyfriend

Briana Evigan as Cassidy Tappan

Caroline D'Amore as Maggie Blaire


Cassidy Tappan- Stabbed multiple times

Roger Fields- Stabbed in chest by Hannah

Amber Corman- Stabbed in heart

Taylor Smith- Stabbed in head

Rosie Perkins- Hanged (Offscreen)

Tracy Graham- Gutted

Vivian Morris- Thrown out Tracy's window

Mrs. Andrews- Stabbed in stomach multiple times

Mandy Thompson- Neck snapped

Wendy Carson- Throat slit

Hannah Reagan- Stabbed in throat

Ashley Grimes- Stabbed in neck

Carla Rodriguez- Machete accidentally thrown at head by Maggie

Maggie Blaire- Pushed off railing and falls into burning floor by Kelly


Kelly Milligan, Ben Mitchell and Garrett Bradley cathy

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