Sorority Row 3: The Horror of Theta Pi (Fredball14) Is An American Horror-Slasher Film Starring Emma Roberts, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Justice, Logan Lerman, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Zac Efron And Lucy Hale.


When two girls Mandy and Molly start their freshman year at Theta Pi and make new friends. Now a new killer comes to Theta Pi who knows their friends when they bullied him/her its up to them to stop the killer before its too late.


Two best friends Mandy and Molly start their freshman year at Theta Pi, Molly makes friends with three other sorority sisters Ashley, Maria and Sally they invite her to a party with their other friends. At night, Molly runs into Mandy and her roommate Rachel and they go to the party.


Emma Roberts as Mandy Williams/ The Nice Sister

Miley Cyrus as Molly Hamilton/ The Brave Sister, The Killer

Victoria Justice as Ashley Krueger/ The Good Sister

Logan Lerman as Andy Peterson/ Mandy's Boyfriend, The Secondary Killer

Ariana Grande as Maria Stewart/ The Shy Sister

Nick Jonas as Carl Washington/ Molly's Boyfriend

Joe Jonas as Nathan Tucker/ Rachel's Boyfriend

Taylor Swift as Rachel Gray/ The Nerdy Sister

Demi Lovato as Sally Mason/ The Slutty Sister

Zac Efron as Steven Rogers/ Maria's Cheating Boyfriend

Lucy Hale as Christy Coleman/ The Hot Sister


Sally Mason- Hair straightener stuck in vagina

Steven Rogers- Bee hive over head

Rachel Gray- Disemboweled

Nathan Tucker- Stabbed in chest

Christy Coleman- Thrown in a hot tub and locked in then throws a drill in and is electrocuted

Maria Stewart- Stabbed in stomach

Molly Hamilton?- Knocked unconscious with a lamp by Mandy

Andy Peterson- Shot with a shotgun by Ashley


Mandy Williams

Molly Hamilton?

Ashley Krueger

Carl Washington


It is unknown if Molly left the house or not because when Mandy knocked Molly unconscious with a lamp she fell to the ground and was left in the house.

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