Sorority Row 5 Is an American Slasher Horror Film Starring Ellen Wroe, Shaileene Woodley, Francia Raisa, Hilary Duff, Nikki Reed, Christian Serratos, Bianca Lawson, Jessica Szohr, Dana Davis and Amanda Righetti.



Ellen Wroe as Julie Everhart

Shailene Woodley as Jessica

Francia Raisa as Adrian

Hilary Duff as Dana

Nikki Reed as Christy

Christian Serratos as Nina

Bianca Lawson as Jasmine

Jessica Szohr as Amanda

Dana Davis as Gia

Amanda Righetti as Taylor


Julie, Jessica and Adrian


Taylor- She is gutted

Amanda- She is slashed to death

Gia- She is pushed out the window

Jasmine- She has a machete thrown at her head

Nina- The killer breaks her neck

Christy- She has her throat slit

Dana- She is stabbed several times by Julie

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