Sorority Row 9 is a Horror Slasher Film starring Brianna Evigan, Norman Reedus, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Shantal VanSanten, Aaron Yoo, Chelan Simmons, Thomas Dekker, Steven Yeun, Emma Bell, Ryan Merriman, Lucy Hale, Marielle Jaffe, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Katie Cassidy, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Taylor Launter, Laurie Holden, Chandler Riggs, Addy Miller, Matt O'Leary and Snooki Polizzi. After Many Years Cassidy still doesn't not forget Maggie and Ellie's Death.


Brianna Evigan as Cassidy Tapan: The Main Protoganist

Norman Reedus as Clarence: Cassidy's Ex - Boyfriend and The Main Killer

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Kate: Cassidy's Bestfriend who helps her to find out who is The Killer

Shantal VanSanten as Joan: Cassidy's Bestfriend who is Olivia's Sister

Aaron Yoo as Lawrence: He knows that Clarence is the Killer and Clarence's Bestfriend

Chelan Simmons as Olivia: Joan's Elder Sister

Thomas Dekker as Jake: Olivia's Boyfriend

Steven Yeun as Alex: Joan's Boyfriend

Emma Bell as Gwen: The Brave Sister who is one who kills Lawrence

Ryan Merriman as Dennis: Cassidy's New Boyfriend

Lucy Hale as Trudie: Theta Pi's New Sister

Marielle Jaffe as Lucy: Theta Pi's New Sister who is Murdered by Lawrence

Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay: Joan's Bestfriend who is killed by Clarence

Vanessa Hudgens as Candace: Clarence's New Girlfriend who is killed by Cassidy

Katie Cassidy as Blake: Candace's Bestfriend and a Theta Pi Sister

Neve Campbell as Mrs. Morris: Ellie's Mother who is the new Leader of Theta Pi

Courtney Cox as Mrs. Fowles: Joan, Olivia and Andrea's Mother who helps them kill Clarence

David Arquette as Mr. Wen: Claire's Father who wants revenge

Taylor Launter as Jacob: Carrie's Boyfriend

Laurie Holden as Amy: Gwen's Sister

Chandler Riggs as Carl: Clarence's Younger Brother

Addy Miller as Andrea: Joan and Olivia's Younger Sister

Matt O'Larry as Garrett: Chugs' Brother

Snooki Pilizzi as Becky: Theta Pi's New Sister and a Nerd


After Many Years ago. Cassidy is now with her new Sorority Sisters who plays a prank to a Collage Student Jacob. Jacob became paranoid and Stab Candace with a Tire Iron and her boyfriend Clarence Witness it. Jacob is bring in Mental Hospital.

After Five Months. The Girls have a Party and Graduation when they Hear Lucy's Screams they panic and See Lucy being Gutted while Trudie is Running Upstairs The Killer Stab Her Heart Killing Her.

After Lucy and Trudie's Funeral a Text Message came from The Killer saying "Guess who is this".

The Theta Pi Sisters Suspects Jacob as The Killer because he is the One who Kills Candace. But they think how could Jacob will be the Killer if He is in the Mental Hospital.

They Also Suspects Garrett who is in the Cementery when Trudie and Lucy was Killed. Joan Recive a Text Message from the Killer saying "You Got the Wrong Answers".

At The Cementery Garrett visit Chugs' Grave but the Killer Appear behind him and Stab him in Eye. In The Sorority House Becky and Sharpay are Standing Infront of the Balcolony when The Killer Appear Behind Them Becky was Pushed and Fell on the Balcolony while Sharpay was Stab in Head and is Thrown.

After Garrett, Becky and Sharpay's Funeral The Girls have there Sleep over and have there Shower time. The killer Attacks Cassidy which causing Cassidy to be Taken Hostage.

Blake notice That Cassidy is still not finish showering when she see Bloods on Cassidy's Shower. They call a Police and They recieve a text from The Killer saying "I Kidnapped Cassidy" which makes the Group panic and Investigate.

When The Group Investigates Mr. Wen was killed by The Killer as the Same way of Claire Wen's Death. Blake and Carl was Incinerated with the Flame Thrower. Mrs. Morris' Horrible Scream was Heard and Seen Having her Head Impaled with a Pole.

The Killer attacks Mrs. Fowles and The Killer slit Mrs. Fowles' Neck Killing Her. When it is Revealed that Clarence is the Killer He Trys to Shot Cassidy But instead of Cassidy Jake was Shot and Killed then Clarence grabs Lawrence and Stangle him with a Wire. Clarence then Throws a Granade causing the House to Explode killing Gwen, Kate, Amy and Harry.

Cassidy escapes from being Tied and Gagged with Taped. She Fight Clarence and then Grabs The Gun and Shots Clarence in Chest Killing Him.

After One Year Cassidy and Joan visited the Burned House and Cassidy crys. Both Girls go to the New Theta Pi Home which all the Members sings a song for there felow members who is killed.


  • Candace - Chest Stabbed
  • Lucy - Gutted
  • Trudie - Stab in Heart
  • Jacob - Head Bashed on Mirror
  • Garrett - Stab in Eye
  • Becky - Pushed on Her Balcolony
  • Sharpay - Stab in Head with a Pole and Thrower
  • Mr. Wen - Mouth Incinerated via Flame Thrower
  • Blake - Incinerated via Flame Thrower
  • Carl - Incinerated via Flame Thrower
  • Mrs. Morris - Head Impaled with a Pole
  • Mrs. Fowles - Throat Slit
  • Jake - Shot in Chest
  • Lawrence - Strangle with a Wire and Incinerated
  • Gwen - Incinerated
  • Kate - Incinerated
  • Amy - Incinerated
  • Harry - Incinerated
  • Clarence - Shot in Chest and Incinerated via Flame Thrower


  • Cassidy Tappan
  • Joan
  • Olivia
  • Dennis
  • Andrea

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