Harry Potter. Harry's twin brother is the boy who lived. Harry soul bonds with Ginny, which makes Barry Siruis Potter jealous.

Chapter One

Harry James Potter was watching Barry Remus Potter in awe as he unwrapped his present. It turned out to be an broomstick. Harry sighed, he thought it was something else.

Harry turned to his presents, and relised he had only three. One, from his parents, which turned out to be chocolate frogs.

Harry sighed as he unwrapped his other, which was from Remus and Tonks. These two were the only ones who understood him.

It was Hogwarts:A History but Harry knew it was transfigured. He would find out what it was later. Harry unwrapped the other present, which was from Siruis.

It was muggle novels from Stephen King. The Shining and Misery. Siruis liked him as an newphew, even though he was his godfather, but didn't understand him.

Harry picked up his books and the sweets and walked out of the lounge. Barry had gotten thirty presents, and James and Lily Potter never noticed Harry disapear.

Harry muttered at the book, and the book turned out to be What is your Animagus, What is yours and how to be one.

Harry was half way through the book when the door rang. Harry knew who it was. James had invited the Weasley's for Harry and Barry's eighth birthday.

Barry was the boy who lived. Voldermort had stormed into the house, and tortured James while Lily ran upstairs to her children.

She was tortured by Voldermort, and witnessed Voldermort throw an killing curse at Barry before blacking out. Barry survived the killing curse.

Harry was half way through the book when he decided to go downstairs for food. Harry was in the Kitchen when he overheard someone speaking.

"Girls can't play Quittich. They are too stupid", Barry said. Another voice spoke. "No tthey aare noot", an small girl said and sounded as if she was about to cry.

"Hey, leave her alone", Harry shouted as he went out the back garden. "Oh look who it is. Brother of mine", Barry snapped.

"Leave him alone", the small girl shouted. She had chocolate brown eyes and her hair was as red as the sun.

"Oh look, Harry. You have an girlfriend", Barry sneered. "Come on", Harry touched the girl on the shoulder, and something happened.

An green light formed around both of them, and Barry and the other red head boys backed away. Harry and the girl fell down, unconscious.

"Boys come in i-", Mrs. Weasley screamed as she saw Harry and her daughter lying on the ground, unconscious. An green light formed around of them.

"Lily", Molly screamed. "Athur, James". James, Athur and Lily ran out of the house to see the comotion, and Lily nearly fainted.

"Who's that", Arthur asked. "Harry, Barry's twin", Lily answered. "Oh my words, get Dumbledore", James whispered. It couldn't be.

Albus Dumbledore arrived, and leviated them to the the spare room. "It seems that Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Weasley are soul bonded".

There was an outrage. "What", Molly and Lily shouted in unison. Arthur looked green, while James tried his best not to smirk. He would be more famous.

"When they awake, they can read each other's thoughts, and share memorys. But this is not the hardest part. They will have to sleep together".

"WHAT", Molly screamed. "Not my daughter, not Harry. Not both of them", she ranted over and over again.

"I'm afraid we have no choice. If they are separated during the first part of the bonding, one will die and the other will shortly die afterwards".

Hours later, Harry awoke, and relised he was in an bed with Ginny. "What happened", he mumbled. He yelled as he saw Ginny. Ginny awoke and screamed.

"Who are you", she screamed. Molly and Athur rushed inside, and so did Lily and James. "Ginny, this is Harry, Barry's twin brother", Molly explained.

"Why did no one tell me", she whispered. Her parents looked at Lily and James. "Harry was not very well, were you Harry", James lied.

"Actualy, i was perfectly fine. You ignored me yet again, i get three presents for my birthday, huh, at least it is better than Christmas. Remember, Father. A shoe".

James looked outraged. "How dare you think we treat you like that, you ungreatful little bastard", he spat.

"James, stop this instance. I am here by divorcing you. Want to tell everyone about the beatings", Lily screamed.

Everyone looked shocked, and then Harry remembered.

"James, no. Please, don't hurt Harry".

"Fine, i won't. I will ignore him, and so shall you".

"I can't, you can't", Lily screamed.

James slapped her on the face, making her fall. James kicked her in the hibs, and she screamed in agony.

Harry spent the rest of the day ignored, and the week, and then the month, and so on.

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE", Lily screamed. "I'm taking Barry", James was about to go downstairs and Lily grabbed James.

"Please, don't leave me. Don't take Harry, don't", she screamed, but James turned around.

"I'm sorry", he whispered. Everyone was in shock. James admitted he beat up Lily, and yet she forgave him. Harry wouldn't.

When James and Lily got up, the four of them told Harry and Ginny about the Soul Bond. Harry and Ginny turned around. "Ewwww", both of them said in unison.

"You will get used to it, dear. Can you speak in each other's mind", Molly asked.

Harry faced Ginny. Um, Hello Ginny.

Hello Harry.

Wow, this is for real, isn't it.

Yes, wow. I thought Soul Bonds were an myth.

So did I. I remember reading about it.

Realy, who was the last people to have an soul bond.

I think it was Fred Whyte and his wife, Janet Whyte.

What happened to them Harry.

Well, they were killed, because Janet died during child birth. Fred died shortly, and because of her parents genes, baby Janet Jr. died with them.

Thats awful.

"Hello", both of them turned around. "Yes, we can read minds", Harry explained.

Chapter Two

Next Time: Harry and Ginny are to be in the same year, and both get sorted. However, only Ginny goes into the gryffindor house. But harry goes into the slytherin house. Proffessor Snape is dead. And Tom Marvolo Riddle is the new potions teacher. But it is the memory of Tom that does know the power of love. Harry and ginny got seperated except for at knight time. At knight they would have thier own room but at day they would share the worst of all types of love. And that type of love is a forrbidden love.

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