Harry Potter. Lily survived Halloween. Now, Harry makes friends with Ginny Weasley, and both become soul bonded. Harry/Ginny Siruis/Lily

Chapter One

Lily Rose Potter was sitting on the neat couch, talking to her best friend, Alice Longbottom.

"Where is Harry and James", Alice asked as she fed Neville Longbottom with her milk bottle.

"James and Harry are in hiding. How is Frank", she asked.

"Good. He is at his mothers, I hate that woman", she muttered and Lily giggled.

"She is something".

"Yeah she is".

"So have you heard from Molly", Lily asked after she sipped her pumpkin juice. She was two month pregnant, and only Molly Weasley and Alice knew.

"Yeah. She is pregnant again, sure this time it is a girl. Apparently, she has been thinking she will have a girl ever since Charlie was born".

Both woman laughed. "Anyway i better be going", Lily got up.



Lily left Longbottom Manor. Her son, Harry and Alice's son Neville were going to defeat Voldermort. Although no one knew which one would defeat the monster.

She apparated, not noticing Bellatrix Lestranger, and her husband and brother in law smirking as she saw Lily apparate.

Lily walked to Godric's Hallow when she screamed in horror. The house was in flames. "Harry, James", she screamed.

She bursted into the door, and saw a dead James. He was staring at her, lifeless as a twig. His hazel eyes looked on in pure horror.

Next to him, was her baby Harry. He was crying. "Harry, you are alive", Lily chocked as she picked up her baby. "Shh", she begged Harry.

Just then, the top floor collapsed, and Harry's cot fell down. It missed Lily by an inch, but had hut James.

"I'm sorry my love", She whispered as she bursted out of the cottage. The cottage exploded, and the debirs hit the empty street.

"He's gone", Lily whispered. She looked at Harry. He had a scar shaped like a lighting bolt on his forehead. She relised it was bleeding, and with a charm, it stopped bleading.

Lily walked down the empty street, not caring about the muggle children trick of treating. They couldn't see the house that she, James and Harry lived, even if it was on fire.

Lily turned around, and stared at the fire for the longest of time, and turned around. She had to get Siruis and Remus.

Lily apparated with Harry on her hands. She walked to Longbottom Manor. She opened the door, and heard screams.

Lily quickly ran into the lounge. Frank and Alice were getting tortured by the Lestranges and Barty Crouch Jr.

"Stupefy", Lily shouted, and Crouch was stunned. Bellatrix turned around and saw Harry. "Where is the dark lord", she screamed. "Dead".

She screamed. "You lie". Lily stunned her, and her brother in law. "Avada Kedarva", shouted Rodolphus, but the curse missed her.

Alice raised her wand. "Avada Kedarva", and it hit the last lestrange. "Alice", Frank and Lily screamed. "He was going to kill us", she said, and she quickly ran upstairs to get Neville.

"Is it true, Lily. Is You Know Who dead", Frank asked. "He tried to kill Harry, but the curse rebounded and hit that monster. He's dead, and James is too", Lily bursted into tears.

Alice heard the conversation as she was holding Neville. "Lily, it is okay. You are going to get through this, if you like it or not".

Lily smiled weakly. "Thanks".

Chapter Two

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