Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny soul bond the moment they meet. Year One.


A man with unruly black hair walked the hall, nervous. His wife was having their son just that minute, and he was going to be a family.

James Harry Potter looked at the mirror across from him. His hazel eyes stared right back at him. It wasn't safe to be a St. Mungo's, so Lily Rose Potter was giving birth at their home, his mother Penelope Tonya Potter was the midwife.

"You can come in James", Penelope's soft voice was heard. James froze, he was a father. He slowly walked and opened the door.

He saw Lily smiling at her baby. Their new baby. The boy was crying, as all babys did. He had green eyes like his mother, but everything else was James.

"What should we name him, my love", James asked a couple of hours later as both of them played with the baby.

"Harry James Potter", she beamed, and James kissed her on the lips. "Thank you", he whispered. Penelope's eyes watered. Her husband, James father, was Harry George Potter.

Meanwhile, In God's Fate A Godess with long stunning blonde hair looked at her fellow Godesses. One, the Godess of Peace, the other Godess of Truth, and she was the Godess of Soul.

"Good morning my fellow Godesses", Soul said as she played with her blonde hair. "Hello", both said in unison.

"It has came up to my file that Harry James Potter, son of James Harry Potter and Lily Rose Potter nee Evans, is born".

"Yes", Truth said. "And so what. Is this because of that prophecy that damned fraud made", she snapped. She didn't like Sybill Trelawney at all.

"No, it has come to me he will have a soul bond with Ginevra Molly Weasley", she said. "How is that possible", Peace asked. "There isn't anyone with that name", she said.

"Well, you know that when one is born, i can sense they will have a soul bond", she said, and both nodded. "Well, she is the seventh and the last Weasley child of this generation, and first female over seventeen generations".

"When will the soul bond take place", Peace asked. "Septemper the 1st, 1991".

Hospital Arthur Brian Weasley was anxious to say the least. His wife, Molly Emily Weasley was giving birth to their seventh baby.

"I hope this is a girl", she whispered before she let out another scream of pain. "It will be Molly dear", Arthur reasured her.

"Who is looking after the boys", she asked. "Arabella Figg, you know, the squib", she nodded. One hour later, she gave birth to a girl.

"She is beautiful", Arthur whispered. "What shall you name her", the healer asked. Molly looked at Arthur. "Ginevra", she said. "You name the middle name", she told Arthur.

"Molly", and the healer smiled as Molly cooed at baby Ginevra.

Meanwhile, In God's Fate "Ginevra has been born", Soul told Peace and Truth. Both smiled. "Why is it important any way", Truth asked. "They might stop Voldermort", Soul told them.

"They what", Peace asked, obviously terrified. "How can they", she demanded. "At last, i do not know, we will just have to sit back and see".

Chapter One, Septempter the First

Harry stood nevrously, wondering where abouts Platform Nine and Three Quaters. He then saw a red head family near him.

"Packed with Muggles of course".

Of course.

Who was that.

Harry turned around. Was he speaking out loud. He decided to try again.

Hello, who is this.

Ginny Weasley.

Hello, I'm Harry Potter.

Harry saw that the youngest of the red heads, the girl, blush furiously.

Is that you then.


Is this what happens to all Wizards and Witches, Ginny.

No, i thought you would have heard about them.

I was raised by Muggles.

"Ginny, darling", the mother of Ginny said. Harry suddenly relised this was Molly Emily Weasley.

"Yes mum", she asked Mrs. Weasley. "You can run through the barrier now", she smiled. Ginny nodded, and ran into the barrier. And vanished.

Harry decided to do this, and closed his eys. He awoke, and saw the train in front of him.

Harry, you can show me what happens at Hogwarts now.

Yes i can. Of course, we better keep this a secret though.


Harry got on the train, and went to find a compartment to himself. He opened the door, and saw Ronald Biliuis Weasley in front of him.

Is this your brother then.

Yes it is, he is Ron, but my thoughts sent you that.

When the train left as Harry and Ron talked to each other, Ginny let out a gasp. "What is it dear", Molly asked. "Nothing mum", she said.

How can they treat you like that.

Is that, normal.

Of course it isn't normal. I'm so sorry about you and those mean muggles.



"Hello", came Ron's voice. Harry looked at him. "What", Harry asked. "You seemed to be dozing off", he shrugged his shoulders. "Oh, Okay".

"Ron are you scared of spiders", Harry couldn't help it. Ron paled. "Who told you that", he demanded. "Was it the twins", he asked.

"No, nothing. It's something random that popped up in my head", he said.

Ginny giggled, and Mrs. Weasley looked at her strangly. "Are you sure you are alright dear", she asked. "Sure mum".

Soon enough, a pale boy with blonde hair came in.

Harry get that git away. He is a Malfoy.

I met him before.

Yeah, so have i.

Harry then saw Ginny and her father meeting up with Draco and Lucius Malfoy. Lucius remarked how poor the Weasleys were, which caused Ginny to burst into tears and Draco sneer at her.

"Get out", Harry shouted at Malfoy before he could speak.

Meanwhile, Ginny suddenly felt angry, but she managed to calm down Harry.

"Don't speak to me like that, i'm a Malfoy".

Harry pushed Malfoy out. Moments later, a bushy haired girl opened the door. "Hello, have you seen Neville Longbottom's toad", she asked.

"No", Harry and Ron said in unison. "Harry Potter. I have read all about you of cou-", she was cut off as she heard shouts.

The three looked out at the hallway, and saw Draco Scorpio Malfoy pushing Neville Frank Longbottom about. "You are nothing but a filthy squib", Malfoy yelled. Neville had tears in his eyes. "Stop it", Harry shouted.

More to be continued.

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