Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny soul bond in the chamber. Harry/Ginny


Harry James Potter ignored the pain in his left arm as he quickly rushed to Ginevra Molly Weasley. His messy black hair was more of a mess than it usualy was, but he didn't care.

He heard Riddle's laugh in the background. "She's already dead Potter", he screamed in happiness. Harry, enraged, picked up the basilisk fang and stabbed it into the diary.

Riddle screamed in pain as ink poured out of the destroyed diary. Harry then fainted as Riddle vanished, and fell on top of Ginny. He was dead.

Both gasped in shock and surprise, even though both were dead. Both opened their eyes, and they were mixed. The Left Eye for both of them was emerald, and the right was Brown.

A Green light shone beside them, and mixed with another brown. The Brown went into Harry's open mouth, and the green went into Ginny's.

The light came back, and they went in the other person's mouth. Both fell unconscious, Harry still on top of the eleven year old girl.

Meanwhile, Albus Dumbledore was worried. Arthur and Molly Weasley were crying, that their daughter was presumed dead. He was also worried about Harry Potter, who had gone in to save her. "Where is she Albus", Molly sobbed.

"I will send Fawkes:", Dumbledore said. "Fawkes", he said. The Golden Phoneix flew in from the room. "Find Ginevra Weasley and Harry Potter and bring them up to us", he said.

Fawkes sang a song and flew away. However, not even a phoneix could make Molly less upset. "What if he killed her", she snapped. "What if Harry was the one, and she found out, and he dragged her innn andddd", she bursted into tears again.

"Molly, i reasure you that didn't happen. Harry's a nice boy", Arthur said. A moment later, Fawkes came in with the unconscious forms of Harry and Ginny.

"Oh, Ginny", Molly screamed. She picked up Ginny, and Harry and Ginny screamed in pain the moment she and Harry broke contact. Molly dropped Ginny in surprise.

Ginny suddenly flew like a magnet next to Harry. Both stopped. "Did they just-", Arthur whispered. "We need to get them to the hospital wing", Dumbledore ordered.

They quickly found the Hospital Wing and bursted in. Madam Pomfrey turned around. "What happened", she asked. Dumbledore, with the help of Arthur, told her what happened.

"Let's see, i will check their heart", she said. She raised her wand and tapped the wand. Harry and Ginny shared the same bed, incase they screamed in pain again.

"I'm sorry, but i only seem to have one heart", Poppy whispered. Molly collasped, crying. "My baby, my baby", she wailed.

"What does this mean", Albus asked as Arthur tried to calm Molly down. "I do not know, but we will just have to wait and see".

Meanwhile, Ronald Bilius Weasley finally made a small hole he could crawl through in the rocks. Ron turned around, and saw Lockart sleeping. "Stupid Bastard", he whispered.

Ron relised the passage was open, and stepped in. He saw the sorting hat, Gryffindor's Sword, the dead Basilisk, but no Harry or Ginny.

"HARRY, GINNY", Ron yelled. Where were they. "Oh my god", he bursted into tears. "Ginny, Harry", he whispered as he collasped.

His eyes then darted towards something in the filfthy water. A Diary. Wait, didn't i see Ginny write in this, Ron thought as he picked up the diary. Ron then remembered Harry having the diary, and what happened in the memory.

Ron searched for a Quill in his pocket, and wrote, Hello.

Ron then saw hundreads and hundreads of writing pop up.

Tom, The Harry Potter is staying with me.

Tom, no one likes me here.

Tom, stop calling me Ginevra.

Tom, i think i'm causing the attacks.

Tom, i'm so sorry throwing you away. I shouldn't have.


Ginevra, who is Harry Potter.

Ginevra, I like you.

Ginevra, your name is beautiful.

Ginevra,How can you, can you remember.

Ginevra, It's Okay. Just don't do it again.

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