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Space/Time Continuum/Interim is the fifth studio album from American progressive/stoner/space metal band Nostradamus, released on May 20th 2011. It is following 2009's A Dream Within A Dream, and is followed by 2013's Metamorphic.

Track listingEdit

    1. "Superanova Collision" - 3:44
    2. "Infates" - 7:00
    3. "Interimnus" - 5:55
    4. "Gensys of Tyme Part I" - 10:00
    5. "Genesys of Tyme Part II" - 17:00
    6. "With A Heavy Stride" - 5:30
    7. "Cosmic Horror" - 4:15
    8. "Master of the Univerise" ( Hawkwind cover) - 6:18


  • Toni Mirasuki- vocals, guitar, synth, keyboards
  • Les Kelly - rhythm guitar, sitar, backing vocals
  • Josiah Badara - bass, backing vocals
  • Dan Blackmore - drums, percussion

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