Regal One-Three







Special Ops, EX-CLASS


Dismembering hostile operations with little or no public attention.




Regal One-Three was the replacement for Noble Team after their demise on Reach. It was the first time that the UEG had utilized ODST instead of SPARTANS. Even though they are regular humans instead of being gene-boosted, like the SPARTANS, ONI and the UEG claim that they handpicked the 7 most exceptionally proficient in the art of killing from all branches of the UNSC. Not to anyone's surprise, they were all ODST, and they had all at least one confirmed kill of a Covenant Sangheili or Jiralhanae in the ranks of senior officer or above (Chieftain, Zealot, etc.) single-handedly.

Squad RosterEdit

  • Captain J. Freeman - The current commanding officer. Freeman is the squad's second best sharpshooter.
  • Lieutenant K. Miller - The squad's current executive officer.
  • Gunnery Sergeant J. Bishop - Squad heavy weapons specialist.
  • Staff Sergeant M. Shrek - Squad's best sniper. Shrek is described as being the squad's "daredevil".
  • Lance Corporal A. Glenn - Squad's newest member and engineer.

Battle of EarthEdit

"Regal One-Three is on the ground and awaiting orders."
—Captain Freeman

Regal One-Three participated in the Battle for Earth multiple times. One of their first assignments was breaking the Covenant foothold in California, where the 5-man ODST team managed to infiltrate their defenses and destroy the command post, leaving the Covenant forces there in disarray, and easy prey for air support. The forces there were later decimated by the air strikes. Regal One Three went on to fight at the Second Battle of New Mombasa, and formed an uneasy relationship with GySgt. Edward Buck, Captain Dare and their new Lance Corporal, and it was even more turbulent with the SPARTAN helping them out. Regal One-Three and the survivors escaped as the city was glassed, however. After reporting back to the UEG, Regal One-Three was assigned to look out for, and closely watch, RONIN, and described them as a terrorist group of three hyper-lethal SPARTANS working with the URF, decidedly pitting the two squads against one another to offer the Assembly more strategic leeway. Along with this objective, they were told that the SPARTAN that they met was a spy. A mole working for the upper echelons of the URF government, and were told he was a liability that needed to be taken care of immediately. Sometime after he entered the Artifact, followed by RONIN, Freeman viewed this as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, and pursued them. All of Regal-One Three was eventually killed by SPARTAN-010 upon locating John-117.

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