Spectacular Spider-Man was a TV Series. This is the 3rd season.


Title: Plot: Introduced: Story Arch: Villain: Title-Theme:
Copyright Infringement, Pt. 1 Spider-Man faces The Enforcers in a Subway, and finds out that Tombstone plans to take down a new crimelord, Kingpin. Kingpin Man Without Fear Kingpin Economy
Copyright Infrigement, Pt. 2 A new vigilante meets Spider-Man, and they get attacked by a strange assassin. Bullseye, Daredevil Man Without Fear Bullseye Economy
Law & Order Daredevil and Spidey find Kingpin in a warehouse, when Bullseye attacks. N/A Man Without Fear Bullseye, Kingpim Economy
Fission After defeating Bullseye, Spidey and Daredevil find out a deep secret... The Jackal Spider-Island The Jackal Science
DNA Jackal and his partner, Mysterio, steal Spidey and Daredevils DNA, and combine them to make an ultimate weapon... Scarlet Spider Spider-Island Mysyterio, Jackal, Scarlet Spider Psychology
Genetics Spider-Man and Daredevil convince Scarlet Spider to do good, and help them defeat Mysterio and Jackal once and for all. N/A Spider-Island Jackal, Mysterio Science
Food Chain John Jameson is kidnapped mysteriously, and transformed into the Man-Wolf, then sent to get Spider-Man. Mysterious Person Rise of the Man-Wolf Man-Wolf Ecosystem
Mutation Hobgoblin, the man who turned John Jameson into Man-Wolf, attacks the city with his Green Gas, that makes people crazy like him. Hobgolin (the mysterious person) Rise of the Man-Wolf Hobgoblin Science
H20 Hydro-Man, Felicia Hardy Hydro-Man, Hobgoblin Science

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