Spider-Cat: The Ultimate Showdown is a action game based on the movies, and was released in October 6th, 2010.


In an opening cutscene, Spider-Cat(A.K.A. Jack-Jack) finds that New Cat City is in danger. He web-swings to the location and he quickly finds that a mysterious villain is planning to take over the city. The villain also created robots.

As Spider-Cat defeats the villains one-by-one, he gets closer to find the villain. He discovers that the evil genius is Spider-Monster(A.K.A. Jaden), who intends to use his army to take over New Cat City.

Ultimately, Spider-Cat defeats him and saves the city.


You control as Spider-Cat and can either choose one of the three modes: Free Roam, where you can do anything you want in New Cat City, Story, where you can play the storyline, or choose Battle Mode where 1 to 6 players can play this mode. The battle mode in this game is extremely similar to the battle mode in Spider-Man Friend or Foe.

Playable characters for Battle ModeEdit


  • Jack-Jack/Spider-Cat
  • Kitty/Black Pussy
  • Serious Cat/Prowler Cat


  • Monorail Cat/Vulture Cat
  • Oscar/Doctor Octopussy
  • Sammy/Green Doggy
  • Milo/Scorpicat
  • Mama Sophie/She-Venom Cat
  • Karate Cat/Iron Fist Cat
  • Hunter/Rhino Cat
  • Dr. Kitty/Lizard Cat
  • Andy/Sandcat
  • Sword Cat/Blade Cat
  • Johnny/Venom Cat
  • Gus/New Doggy/Hobdoggy
  • Thunder Cat/Electrocat
  • Simon/Carnage Cat
  • Chewy/Mystericat

Note: The cats used for the game are our cats. Jack-Jack's my favorite. Karate Cat, Dr. Kitty, Sword Cat, Serious Cat and Thunder Cat aren't our cats, however. They're LOLcats.

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