Spindoctor is a Doctor of Mathematics, having received his PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1961. He worked very successfully as a code breaker for the Central Intelligence Agency during the Viet Nam war. In his current position he oversees the department that investigates incidents considered "unsolvable" by the agency, primarily due to the existence of "unconventional" evidence. His involvement with previous USMs or "U-Files", has lead to some rather extraordinary experiences. The only character previously known to him is Nekka, whom he hired as a junior investigator reporting directly to himself. From the start he perceived that there was something "special" about her. He has never really been bothered by her somewhat clumsy approach to her job because she always manages to achieve excellent results in the end. As he looks forward to his retirement in a few years, he has been grooming her to be his replacement.

His physical appearance makes him a difficult person to forget: 5'4" tall, 290 pounds (but his influence with the Department of Motor Vehicles got him listed as 190 pounds on his driver's license), brown eyes, curly brown hair, moustache, and full beard.

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