SpongeBob's Revenge is an upcoming movie franchise following the events after some episodes where some tried to kill SpongeBob or tried to make fun of him.


SpongeBob's RevengeEdit

Following the events of Grandma's Kisses, when Squidward and the Krusty Krab customers made fun of him, SpongeBob turned evil and now, he wants revenge on Squidward and the Krusty Krab customers.

SpongeBob's Revenge 2: The Death of SandyEdit

After the events of Pre-Hibernation Week, when Sandy near killed SpongeBob, SpongeBob finds a way to destroy Sandy: try to kill her.

SpongeBob's Revenge 3: The Final BattleEdit

When Patrick called SpongeBob "Idiot Boy" (happened in "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?",) SpongeBob faces his biggest battle: to DESTROY his friend for calling him that.


Patrick will go on a murderous rampage in The Adventures of Spongebob

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