For the upcoming movie, see SpongeBob WolfPants(2012 film).

SpongeBob Wolfpants is a 2012 comic by VincetBegg,which is on his DeviantART account.


It all starts with SpongeBob opening the door of Sandy's treedome. Sandy notices. She finds a hurt SpongeBob and says that she must get him to the treedome, fast!

In the Treedome

Sandy asks how he feels and SpongeBob says that he feels better now and thanks Sandy. Sandy asks him what happened to him but SpongeBob does not remember. But all SpongeBob remembers is drawing a blank and leaving work and everything goes black, else knowing that he was on the street, covered in wounds. But he's glad he was near Sandy's treedome or who knows what could've happened. Sandy calls it luck she guesses. He knows that he must go home. But if that's all suspense, wait til' you hear the next chapter..........

The Transformation

SpongeBob goes to sleep in his house, but the full moon is seen and SpongeBob wakes up. Squidward doesn't like it because SpongeBob howled. SpongeBob can't belive this! He feels something coming to him. His hands start to grow claws, grows wolf ears, a tail pops, he grows fur, and his teeth turn to fangs! SpongeBob turned into a SPONGEWOLF!!!!!!!!! Squidward knocks on the door. He opens the door. He finds SpongeBob latenight-snacking, whos now drinking milk. Squidward asks what idea he haves. SpongeBob, who's a spongewolf, notices Squidward. He hates himself right now.

Scared Spongeless

Patrick comes to the door. He finds Squidward screaming. He asks if he had a party without him. He finds SpongeBob snarling at him.

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