Stab 10 is an American comedy-horror-slasher film starring Amber Heard, Thomas Dekker, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, Rooney Mara, Tyler Hoechlin, Kay Panabaker, Chris Zylka, Shanica Knowles, Steven R. McQueen, Robbie Amell, Kirsten Prout, Jake Weary, Keegan Allen and Cory Monteith


Jessica, Ron, Emma, Nina and their friends are targeted by a new Ghostface can they end the murders before it's too late


Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell

Thomas Dekker as Ron Sanders

Shay Mitchell as Ella Kroft

Troian Bellisario as Emma Banner

Rooney Mara as Nina Everett

Tyler Hoechlin as Robbie King

Kay Panabaker as Jenny Clarkson

Chris Zylka as Trevor Smart

Shanica Knowles as Danisha Thompson

Steven R. McQueen as Derek Jackson

Robbie Amell as Henry Evans

Kirsten Prout as Mandy Jackson

Jake Weary as Nick Lambert

Keegan Allen as Tyler Robinson

Cory Monteith as Duncan Morrison


Robbie King- He was Jill's ex-boyfriend and wants to finish where she started


Duncan Morrison- Gutted

Mandy Jackson- Stabbed to death

Tyler Robinson- Stabbed in chest

Henry Evans- Stabbed in head

Nick Lambert- Stabbed several times

Trevor Smart- Stabbed deeply in stomach

Jenny Clarkson- Throat slit

Nina Everett- Shot through chest

Emma Banner- Shot through heart

Robbie King- Stabbed several times and shot in head by Jessica


Jessica, Ron, Ella, Danisha and Derek

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