Stab 4 and or Stab 4: Fresh Blood is the 2003 short film sequel to the Scream Spin-Off film within a film short films Stab, Stab 2 and Stab 3: Return To Woodsboro.

The film is written by Will Kennison and directed by Fred Rifkin.

It features famous pop singer Nelly Furtado (under the listed name Nelly Kim Furtado) as Gale Weathers seeing Stab 1, 2 and 3's Gale Parker Posey's other character named Jennifer Jolie was killed in Scream 3. It features Ryan Gosling as Deputy Dewey Riley whom has just been engaged to Gale Weathers and are planning a fall wedding during the course of bloody events in the movie, Alessandra Ambrosio as beginning victim Haley Evans, Jansen Spencer as beginning victim Lucas Riley, Famous Singer Alicia Keys as Sidney Lewis-Duncans, Hayden Christensen as Stuart Werrnot, Famous Singer Justin Timberlake as Randy Gordon, Bryce Dallas Howard as Kendra Mortimer Katharine Isabelle as Ada Nicomdea, George Gore II as Stevens Chapman, Elijah Wood as Louie Daniels and Jordana Brewster as Callie Gregory yet another beginning victim.


Recurring Ghostface survivour Deputy Dwight 'Dewey' Riley's teenage cousin Luke is murdered along with his girlfriend and secret mistress apartment neighbour by a Ghostface.

Dewey comes to Santa Ana California to catch and stop the murderer.

He orders his fiance and fellow Ghostface survivour of whom has written the books concerning the Ghostface murders to stay home out of harm's way.

She however calls upon her former Top Story fellow reporter Kendra Mortimer to head to Santa Ana California with her and attempt to catch the Ghostface killer themselves.

However she soon learns about the personal effect this new Ghostface has as one of the beginning victims is in fact in his first cousin of whom he was really close to and grew up with as a child alongside his formerly deceased sister Tatum.

This Ghostface has taken aim however also at a group of students from Santa Ana High School whom are working on their own Stab film project which they have secured acting, sound and decent special effects for.

As the body count rises the pressure does.

Whom is the killer/killer's this time?

What is their motive and who will be next?


  • Ryan Gosling as Deputy Dwight "Dewey" Riley
  • Nelly Kim Furtado as Gale Weathers
  • Alicia Keys as Sidney Lewis-Duncans/ The Santa Ana student responsebile for the Knife Of Doom Soundtrack
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Kendra Mortimer/ Reporter at Top Story whom took over from Gale following the Sunrise Studios Murders
  • Hayden Christensen as Stuart Werrnot/ Boyfriend of Sidney Lewis-Duncans, Student at Santa Ana High School, former boyfriend of Callie Gregory, Student responsebile for the sound of The Knife Of Doom
  • Justin Timberlake as Randy Gordon/ Student at Santa Ana High School, Best friend of Stuart Werrnot, Has a crush on Sidney Lewis-Duncans, Responsebile for the effects of the Knife Of Doom
  • Katharine Isabelle as Ada Nicomdeau/ Student at Santa Ana High School, Fromer best friend of Callie Gregory, Responsebile for the lighting of The Knife of Doom
  • Elijah Wood as Louie Daniels/ New Student at Santa Ana High School, Former boyfriend of Haley Evans from Woodsboro High School, The Director of The Knife Of Doom
  • George Gore II as Stevens Chapman/ Student at Santa Ana High School, Boyfriend of Kendra Mortimer, Responsebile for the Prosphetics of The Knife Of Doom
  • Alessandria Ambrosio as Haley Evans/ Fiance of Luke Riley, Former girlfriend of Louie Daniels as well as former student at Woodsboro High School, Graduating Student of Santa Ana High School and part time cater for the Santa Ana Stab film the Knife of Doom
  • Jansen Spencer as Lucas 'Luke' Riley/ Former fiance of Haley Evans, Graduating student of Santa Ana High School, Former student at Woodsboro High School, Cousin of Dewey Riley and Tatum Riley, Was having briefly cheating on fiance Haley with apartment neighbour and current Santa Ana High School student Callie Gregory
  • Jordana Brewster as Callie Gregory/ Student at Santa Ana High School, former girlfriend of Randy Gordon, former fling of Luke Riley, Responsebile for the props and sets of The Knife of Doom


  • Haley Evans- Main Ghostface: Fakes her death as partner Louie Daniels stabs into blood bags she had placed beneath her top before coming back to her and Luke's apartment. Her motive is simply to become famous. She was a student at Woodsboro High School whom was there studying education at the time of the original Woodsboro Murders and knew how famous the killers and murders became and how it spawned it's own movie. She then learnt that fellow English Classmate Lucas Riley was the cousin of famous recurring Ghostface survivour Dewey Riley and that he had moved off to Santa Ana California to finish his education there. Haley had wanted to start up murders in another town thinking doing it again would just be predictable and boring. Haley then persuaded her parents whom were wanting to move town following the murders to take up residence in Santa Ana and let her finish her education at that high school. She did and in the process deliberatley got to know Lucas and get him to fall in love with her leading her to become engaged to him. She from there abandoned her whole set up intricate killing spree plan in hope of a happy future but upon learning he had cheated with current Santa Ana Student Callie Gregory who was also their apartment neighbour she set the murder get famous plan into motion. She called upon former Woodsboro High Friend whom had moved into town named Louie whom had a giant crush on her. She got him to serve as her murderous partner whom would kill the beginning victims of the overral killing spree and then simply revert back to the partner Ghostface whom calls and messages the other victims. She also let slip the idea of a school made film based on the murders which would be called the Knife Of Doom. She let slip the idea to Sidney Lewis-Duncans who was in great desire to make a student film slasher horror film which would be based on a true story.
  • Louie Daniels- Partner Ghostface: The One who stabs Haley's blood bags beneath her sweater top at the beginning of the film and the murderer of Lucas Riley and Callie Gregory.


  • The Way I Are- Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson ft. D.O.E ft Sebastian (Played by Haley in the High School auditorium as her and Louie corner her and played again in the full end credits sequence)
  • Temperature- Sean Paul (Played as the scene following Dewey at the Apartment Crime Scenes with Gale and Kendra is taken to Santa Ana High School and the teenage protagonist group)

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