Stagnant: Eighteen Years of Triumph, Turmoil and Music is the 2009 autobiography by Stagnant lead singer Frank Littlemore.


During an interview with his fellow bandmates, Littlemore revealed the book will be about his life, Stagnant, and his interest and profound respect for Led Zepellin and Black Sabbath. He also said he has dedicated several chapters to his wife, Claire Lee, his three children Ashley, Luke, and Cassie, and in-depth first-person stories from recording each album with Stagnant.


Littlemore began working on his biography in 2005, and has been eversince. He has stated the locked in definate release date is December 13th 2009. He has also stated that following the autobiography's release he and the other members of Stagnant will be recording their next album.

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