Stagnant Invasion is the fifteenth album from American metal band Stagnant, released on June 20th 2009. It is the band's most recent output, and is preceded by 2008's Psychopathic and followed by the supposedly 2010 album The End of Days, which will most likely be the band's final album with Frank Littlemore's imminent death.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Strike Force 101" - 7:00
  2. "Open Fire" - 6:43
  3. "Take No Prisoners, Have No Mercy" - 5:00
  4. "Interlude" - 4:40
  5. "A War Worth Not Fightin'" - 3:00
  6. "The Earth Rains With Chaos" - 8:00
  7. "Goodbye, Peace" - 8:50

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