Stagnant Shore is the debut album from American metal band Stagnant, released on July 25th 1991 through Batched Records. The album was Stagnant's highest selling album, until it was broken by their fifteenth Stagnant Invasion on May 2nd 2009. It is followed by 1993's Pestilentia.

Recording and lyrical themesEdit

Majority of Stagnant Shore was recorded at the band's studio in California, during September onwards of 1990. They worked with a friend of Frank Littlemore and producer Jon Silverstein. The first song on the album "Stagnant Shore" is about a naval invasion, and "Wave By Wave" is regarded as a continuation. The following songs "Ash", "Coma" and "Blister" are about the "second half" of the invasion, where the protagonist, potrayed by Frank Littlemore, and his companions attack a village inland. The following songs are about the resulting chaos.


Stagnant Shore received generally good reviews from the New Jersey community and a few magazines, with reviews appearing in MetalHeaded and ThrashCentral:

ThrashCentral praised the album: Stagnant are an angry four piece from NJ with Frank Littlemore on vocals, Jose Lynch on guitars, Michael Ackerman on bass and Samuel Hathaway on drums. While they may have arrived on the thrash scene a few years late; they still pack and angry and heavy punch with their debut, the aptly titled Stagnant Shore. The eponymous opener begins with D tuned guitars from Lynch, before launching into a heavy groove propelled by the rhythm of Ackerman and Hathaway. Littlemore's vocals are equally snarly and harsh; without sounding to ridiculous as Mr. Tom Araya tends to sometimes. The rest of the album is a heavy, groove-riff driven thrash fest that combines those with elements of death metal and old school NWOBHM sensibilities. Stagnant's influences are many and diverse; but they themselves produce a unique and interesting sound

MetalHeaded was equally impressed: While thrash may have passed its prime in recent times; Stagnant have emerged from the underground of New Jersey to resurrect it with a newfound sensibility and a willingness to experiment


Due to its latter huge success, the album's songs remain constant favourites at Stagnant's live shows. Some however were not played following the departure Jose Lynch, Michael Ackerman, and Samuel Hathaway, who were regarded as major contributors and songwriters to the album. As explained by Frank Littlemore, the album's songs were written and composed collectively, and he feels it would be betraying his former bandmates by playing their songs.


The fourth song off the album, "Coma", appeared on the music video game Guitar Hero: Masters of Metal.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Stagnant Shore" - 5:00
  2. "Wave By Wave" - 6:00
  3. "Ash" - 4:55
  4. "Coma" - 6:00
  5. "Blister" - 3:55
  6. "In The Hours of The Night" - 6:56
  7. "Name of the Evil" - 5:00
  8. "Enemy You Are" - 4:00
  9. "ForNever" - 4:55
  10. "Weak" - 3:55
  11. "Exit To Abyss" - 5:00
  12. "Dead Fish" - 7:00

Credits Edit

  • Frank Littlemore - vocals
  • Jose Lynch - lead guitar
  • Michael Ackerman - bass
  • Samuel Hathaway - drums
Stagnant-Stagnant Shore

1991's Stagnant Shore, the band's debut, remained their #1 in sales for eighteen consecutive years until 2009's Stagnant Invasion

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