stan Smith Vs shadow The Hedgehog
Stan Vs Shadow

Season: 1 Episode: 2
Total Episode Count: 251
Prod. no.: 1AJN02

Guest Starring: Troy Baker As Espio The Chameleon , Colleen O'Shaughnessey As Charmy bee ,Lacey Chabert As Diana Smith
Featuring: Francine,Shadow, Stan,Baliey,Hayley,
Also Appearing: Klaus,Roger,Tails,Knuckles Toshi,Barry,Snot,Sienna,Bah Bah,Cassandra,Ma Ma,Nicholas,Sonic, Blaze Silver,Jeff,Jet,Razor,Mrs. Yoshida,Vector,Akiko,Mr. Yoshida'Dr Eggman
Musical Numbers: All Hail Shadow by Magna fi and Who i am

Plot: Francine Want A Divorce of Stan Couse she Met someone new in town and Razor Marries Her and he becomes a step father to her Childern Bailey and Hayley And Steve And Barry He Almost Eated the wedding cake and Snot Throw Barry Out Shadow is Razor twin brother and Sonic hate Barry and Silver Holding Francine Almost Goes In To Labour Blaze Shout Razor and get him for Francine Smith Bah Bah and Nicholas Dawnson where Shouting at cassandra And Ma Ma and Mrs. Yoshida help francine and Tails And Razor Rushes His Misses To the Hospital and she was in pain and he need help and Charmy went out side and Dr Eggman was shocked at Razor marring francine he went sonic will beat him up Charmy Was Saying shut up vector Espio help francine Vector Said Find The Computer Room And Jet and Jeff beat up vector couse he can get annyoing Sonic said to hayley your mother in labour with twins Roger Tells Stan that the wedding done and francine name is francine the hedgehog Diana Francine and razor daughter come in it Then the other story started The Birth was run over by Stan, Stan say to Sienna, he will kill Sonic. After, She and Sonic saw Sienna have broken leg, broken arm and broken hand. Sonic is cross after Sienna tell him

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