Francine Smith:Stan I I wanna divorce
RazorThe Hedgehog:Stan You Heard the lady im the step dad of your children
Stan Smith:Francine i can change
Sonic The Hedgehog:Stan Leave her alone i;ll kill you
Steve Smith:Dad how to get a girl
Barry Robinson :Ahhhhhh a hedgehogs
Steve Smith barry get your fatass of my new father now
Bailey Smith:fuck me now you Whore
Steve Smith Bailey Shut it ok
Bonnie Swanson:Francine
Francine Smith:Bonnie Is that you (In Pain With The Twins)
Lois Griffin:Francine are you ok
Diana Smith:Mom are you ok
Razor The Hedgehog:A Gynecologist develops Pap Smear
Klaus Heissler:Is that the razor the hedgehog the singer of The Hedgehog Brothers
Shadow the Hedgehog:Will you two shut up hedgehog are trying to sleep

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