The Standard Special Move (also commonly referred to as Neutral B, or simply B) is a special attack performed by pressing the special move button without holding a direction on the control stick. Many of these moves are projectiles, which can be used repeatedly to rack up damage and/or hinder the enemy's approach. With the introduction of the Side Special Move in Melee, several character's standard special's moves were changed to side specials (Jigglypuff, Link, and Ness). In Brawl, Kirby and Link had their moves renamed.

List of Standard Special Moves

Character Standard Special Move
Alex Mercer Claws
Amingo Child of the Ground
Arbiter Shoot
Axem Rangers X

Axem Black – ???
Axem Green – ???
Axem Pink – ???
Axem Red – Axe Swing
Axem Yellow – ???

Banjo & Kazooie Bird Peck
Basilisx Stone Eyes
Blaze Fire Blast
Boba Fett Blaster
Bomberman Bomb Drop
Bowser Fire Breath
Bowser Jr. Paint Ball
Captain Falcon Falcon Punch
Cloud Strife Beam Blade
Cole MacGrath Thunder Shock
Conker ???
Crash Bandicoot Whoompa Cannon
Dante Ebony & Ivory
Dark Samus Phazon Blast
Darth CheerCheer Cartwheel
Darth Raiden Force Drain
Darth Vader Force Choke
Desmond Miles ???
Diddy Kong Peanut Popgun
Dixie Kong ???
Donald Duck Magic Attacks
Donkey Kong Giant Punch
Falco Falco's Blaster
Fox Blaster
Ganondorf Warlock Punch (SSBM, SSBB)

Sage Sword Lunge (SSBSW)

Goofy Goofy Turbo
Ice Climbers Ice Shot
Ike Eruption
Isaac ???
Jade Wong Bow Slash
Jigglypuff Pound (SSB)


King Dedede Inhale
King K. Rool Crown Throw
Kirby Inhale
Knuckles Deep Impact
Kratos Apollo's Bow
Krystal Fire Blast
Lara Croft Shoot
Link Boomerang (SSB)

Hero's Bow (SSBM, SSBB, SSBSW)

Little Mac Charging Punch
Lloyd Irving Demon Fang
Lucario Aura Sphere
Lucas PK Freeze
Luigi Fireball
Luke Skywalker ???
Lyn Silver Bow
Mario Fireball
Marth Shield Breaker
Master Chief Shoot
Mecha Mario Fireball
Mecha Sonic Hand-Gun
Mega Man X Mega Buster
Mephiles Energy Ball
Meta Knight Mach Tornado
Mewtwo Shadow Ball
Mickey Mouse Magic Orb
Mr. Game & Watch Chef
Ness PK Flash
Olimar Pikmin Pluck
Peach Toad
Pikachu Thunder Jolt
Pit Palutena's Bow
Pokémon Trainer

Charizard – Flamethrower
Ivysaur – Bullet Seed
Squirtle – Water Gun

Ratchet & Clank Guns
Rayman Fist Throw
R.O.B. Robo Beam
Rosalina Star Bit
Ryu Hadōken
Samurai Goroh ???
Samus Charge Shot
Shadow Chaos Blast
Sheik Needle Storm
Silver Psychokinesis
Snake Hand Grenade
Sonic Homing Attack
Sora Magic Attacks
SPARTAN-984 Power Punch
Starkiller Force Lightning
Toon Link Hero's Bow
Travis Touchdown Super Stab
Ultimo X Fire Breath
Vergil Sword Stab
Viewtiful Joe ???
Waluigi Tennis Racket
Wario Chomp
WereSonic Stretched Slash
Wolf Blaster
Yoda Force Pull
Yoshi Egg Lay
Zant Twilight Ball
Zelda Nayru's Love
Zero Suit Samus Paralyzer

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