Star Wars: End of the Jedi
Developer LucasArts
Publisher LucasArts
Release Date Sometime in 2012
Mode(s) Single Player
Rating(s) ESRB: T
Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii
"My name is Darth Raiden. I walk on the path of vengeance. I destroy those in my path without hesitation. I do not make any mistake just like what the other Sith did years ago. But, I was not usually like this...since years ago. I was once, a peace loving child, with a good personality, and a good heart. They loved me, every single one of these wretched beings. Now, the darkness has corrupted me. I am now, a heartless beast. With a dark heart, with a dark mind, and with a dark side, I am now ready. I will not stop. I will not rest until those who defy me will perish by my hand. The darkness will rise again!"
Darth Raiden

Star Wars: End of the Jedi is an upcoming video game that will take players to the darkest time of the Jedi, as they and their New Order are to be wiped out once and for all.


Teaser TrailerEdit

This trailer shows Darth Raiden running through the alleyways of Coruscant, while killing any Jedi and Galactic Federation soldier in his way. Along the way, he encounters a Jedi Brute, and defeats him easily by taking the Brute's double-bladed lightsaber, and uses it and the Master Saber to stab the Brute's head and heart. Raiden encounters even more troopers and goes at them. They manage to surround him, but are blown away by Raiden's Force blast. Darth Raiden then wields two Master Sabers, and slices an AT-ST in half. He spots an X-Wing fly by, and jumps onto it. He manages to throw the pilot out of the cockpit, making him do the Goofy Holler, cuts the pilot's astromech droid's head, and jumps off of the fighter, leaving it to crash. Just then, Darth Raiden finds a thousand more troops in his way, lifts them all up with the Force, and throws them into an AT-AT, making it tip over. He finds two more AT-AT walkers, ready to fire. Raiden throws his Master Sabers to cut off the AT-ATs' necks. An unknown Jedi witnesses this, and jumps to attack Raiden, but the Sith blocks his strike, and the two engage in a short duel. Raiden stabs the Jedi using Leia Organa's lightsaber, and uses Force lightning to electrocute not only his body, but inside his body as well, due to the fact that Leia's lightsaber that Raiden used to stab is intact with the body, and left a little opening. After frying him long enough, Raiden beheads him with the Master Saber. The titan, Dathula then shows up, as he stomps on top of buildings, grabs and crushes huge Galactic Federation tanks with his hand, and heads to the New Jedi Temple in order to destory it all, so that the Jedi will forever be extinct, and darkness would consume the entire universe for all eternity. The backround fades and shows the title.

Trailer #2Edit

This trailer shows the red skies of Coruscant, with tons of damage and fires in the city. The screen then shows a huge battle between Darth Raiden's Sith minions and the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. It cuts to Darth Raiden fighting different types of Jedi, including one of the main characters, which is Kyle Katarn. It then cuts to where Raiden lifts up an AT-AT with the Force, and crushes a lot of Galactic Federation soldiers. The final scenes show Darth Raiden preparing to fight Luke Skywalker in their last and final battle, while saying, "Luke Skywalker, these ruins of this wretched Jedi Temple...will be your grave." and jumps at Luke, ready to fight and kill him. The screen fades to black and shows the title.

Trailer #3Edit

This trailer shows Coruscant at its normal, peaceful state. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker overlooks the city inside the New Jedi Temple. Before Luke could leave the room, a blast is seen blowing up a building. Luke looks out again, with Leia coming at his side, and they see trillions of Sith fighters and Captial ships flying in above the city. The sky turns blood red, and the huge battle of Coruscant begins. It cuts to the God of the Sith leading the attack, Darth Raiden, as he shoots multiple lightning balls at Galactic Alliance fighters, while on top of the titan Dathula's shoulder. He jumps down and slices many X-Wings and Y-Wings on the way down. It then cuts to the scenes where Darth Raiden is seen fighting a bunch of GA soldiers and scouts, a couple Jedi Brutes, and Jedi Master X2. It cuts to another scene where Darth Raiden overlooks the destruction, spots an AT-ST, slices it, and jumps right into a sewer. There, he kills tons of Dianogas along the way. Raiden spots a Jedi Shadow, hears a GA speeder behind him, grabs the speeder, and tosses it at the Jedi, causing an explosion to kill the Jedi Shadow. The screen cuts to black, shows the tagline, "The End of the Jedi Is Near..." and shows the game title.

Trailer #4Edit

This trailer shows Darth Raiden with his battle-damaged armor with his own voice saying, "The end of the Jedi..." and the actual Raiden finishes with, " near." It then cuts to the scenes of huge battles between Darth Raiden's Sith and the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances in the alleyways and tops of the buildings of Coruscant. A Jedi battlemaster is seen leading his part of the GFFA, while Darth Raiden is seen leading is whole huge army against the Jedi and GA soldiers. He and the Battlemaster then duel for a short time, and Raiden kills him with one quick slash of the Master Saber. The trailer then cuts to the gameplay scenes of Darth Raiden fighting GA soldiers and Jedi, jumping on top of GFFA starfighters, grabbing blaster shots with the Force while sending them right back at the GA soldiers, and the titan Dathula ramaging through the city. It then cuts to the scenes of more fighting on the roads and in the blood-red sky. Raiden is seen jumping inside a Star Destroyer, kills every GA soldier in his way, and encounters a Jedi sniper. The two duel while the remaining GA troops are getting killed by Raiden's powers. The duel ends with Raiden ripping off the ship's reactor core, and tosses it at the Jedi sniper, killing him. The God of the Sith then jumps out of the exploding Star Destroyer. The screen fades to black and shows the title.






Sentient speciesEdit

  • Gen'Dai
  • Gran
  • Human
  • Kaleesh
  • Leprethaun
  • Nautolan
  • Neti
  • Rodian
  • Kel Dor
  • Togruta
  • Whiphid
  • Wookiee

Known Enemies and BossesEdit

The boss and sub-boss characters to appear are:

  • Luke Skywalker - Jedi Master. May be the last boss of the game.
  • Anakin Skywalker - Force ghost. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Boba Fett - Bounty hunter. Confirmed to be a boss after betraying Darth Raiden.
  • Cilghal - Jedi Master. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Corran Horn - Jedi Master. Comfirmed to be a boss.
  • Jacen Solo - Jedi Knight. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Jaina Solo - Jedi Knight. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Kam Solusar - Jedi Master. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Kenth Hamner - Jedi Master. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • K'Kruhk - Jedi Master. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Kyle Katarn - Jedi Master. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Kyp Durron - Jedi Master. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Leia Organa Solo - Jedi Knight. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Mara Jade Skywalker - Jedi Master and Luke Skywalker's wife. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Octa Ramis - Jedi. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Optimus Prime - Leader of the Autobots. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Tionne Solusar - Jedi Master. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • T'ra Saa - Jedi Master. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Tresina Lobi - Jedi Master. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • X2 - Jedi Master. Confirmed to be a boss.
  • Han Solo - Captain of the Millennium Falcon. He is supposed to be more of a victim than an actual enemy.

Common enemies include the following:

  • All Terrain Armored Transports
  • All Terrain Scout Transports
  • Force Warriors
  • GA Army scouts
  • GA Army troopers
  • Jedi Archaeologists
  • Jedi Archivists
  • Jedi Battlemasters
  • Jedi Brutes
  • Jedi Geologists
  • Jedi Guardians
  • Jedi Healers
  • Jedi Historians
  • Jedi Instructors
  • Jedi Knights
  • Jedi Padawans
  • Jedi Shadows
  • Jedi Snipers
  • Jedi Trainers
  • Jedi Weapon Masters
  • A-Wing starfighters
  • B-Wing starfighters
  • V-Wing airspeeders
  • X-Wing starfighters
  • Y-Wing starfighters

Also speculated to make an appearance as bosses, sub-bosses, or plot characters are:

  • Alema Rar - Probably a boss.
  • Ben Skywalker - Luke and Mara Jade's son. May be a boss or a simple victim to be killed in a cinematic.
  • Cha Niathal - Is expected to have a sky battle with Darth Raiden.
  • Gilad Pellaeon - Is expected to have a sky battle with Darth Raiden.
  • Jagged Fel - Presumably engaging Darth Raiden in a dogfight.
  • Natasi Daala - Presumed to be killed by the titan Dathula when he steps on her.
  • Optimus Prime - Expected to make an appearance.
  • Saiyan - God of the Jedi. May make an appearance as the true final boss.
  • Tahiri Veila - Role currently unknown.


The demo starts out with Darth Raiden at an entrance of the tallest building on Coruscant. He sees the Millennium Falcon flying around the building, and goes inside in order to kill the Jedi and GA troopers before reaching the Falcon. After killing many on the way, a passage that leads to the upper levels gets blocked by debris, and Raiden teleports to get through the blocked passage. More Jedi show up, but get easily slain by Raiden. Upon getting to the roof, he spots Jacen Solo, who jumps onto the Falcon in order to aid his father in attacking a group of Sith starfighters. Raiden flies to get to the Falcon, but lands on an X-Wing. While on top, Raiden Force pulls the GA pilot out of the cockpit, making him do the Goofy Holler. The God of the Sith then pilots the X-Wing to make the GA pilots think that one of their commrades is a traitor. After destroying enough Galactic Alliance starfighters, Raiden slices off the astromech droid on the X-Wing, and jumps off of the falling ship. Darth Raiden spots the Millennium Falcon, and teleports on top of the Falcon, where Jacen is. The two have a lengthy lightsaber duel. During the fight, Raiden stabs the Millenium Falcon, causing it to fall into the atmosphere of Coruscant. The Sith Lord and Jacen Solo then proceed to finish the duel while on top of the falling Falcon. Raiden kills Jacen, jumps off the ship, and witnesses the Falcon explode when it crashes into a building. Darth Raiden then goes on to find and kill the seriously injured Han Solo, and jumps down to attack an AT-AT when the demo suddenly ends.


  • Since Darth Raiden kills an unknown Jedi with Leia Organa's lightsaber in the teaser trailer, it is known that Princess Leia will be one of the Jedi to be killed by Darth Raiden.
  • It is announed that there will be a couple of Goofy Hollers in the game, like the one in the teaser trailer where a GFFA pilot was Force pulled out of an X-Wing and shouted, "YAAAHH-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOOEY!"

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