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Transformers Wars

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December 25, 2000

Last aired

April 6, 2001

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"Transformers! More than meets the Eye. Transformers! Robots in Disguised Autobot wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the evil dark Lords. Transformers"
—Opening Theme

Star Wars: The Transformers Wars is the new TV series of Transformers and Star Wars shown on Cartoon Network Channel. It is the first Star Wars and Transformers crossovers between each other. It's the first Transformers series where the Transformers are equal size to the Humans.

Here in this universe is where the Autobots fight off Darth Grievous's Sith Legion in this new universe. This universe will shatter everything you know about the Transformers and the Star Wars Universe.


The Autobots

The Decepticons were defeated and their forces were hidding from the public waiting for another leader to replace Megatron due to Starscream keeps leading the cons to defeat.

Somehow cybertron was transwarped into the Star Wars universe and Optimus Prime and the Autobots must find a way to transport Cybertron back to the Transformers universe and save their homeworld while dealing with the exiled Sith Transformers.

Also all of the Transformers were all human sized in the Star Wars Universe(mostly the size of 1.85 meters) and the Autobots arsenal includes old Clone War era vehicles, tanks and ships including the Venator-class Star Destroyers and the Acclamator cruiser not to mention Minotaur class battlecruisers, guardian tanks, harbinger gunships and Mammoth Tanks. The Autobots even increased their Air power lately.

The Sith Lords

General Grievous got reborned by the Dark side into a demon monster and sith lord named Darth Grievous by wrapping a Robot in a big black Chrysalis which later hatched into Darth Grievous. He made a loud dragon like roar with an evil laugh and his cape blows in the wind while he emerges from the Darkness from his chrysalis and covered in a dark Aura. After he emerges from his chrysalis a gigantic dark purple sombrero landed and stayed permanently attached to Darth Grievous's head thus adding even more dark powers to him but at the cost of turning him 100% evil.

Darth Grievous, Leader of Darth Grievous's Sith Legion will take over the galaxy, Eradicate the Transformers and rule with an iron fist. Their opposing enemy is the Autobots who are trying to protect Cybertron and the universes from the Sith Menace. Their Army and arsenal includes old Seperatist and Sith Empire arsenals including the Malevolence II and the Corsair II. The Demon Sith lord proceeds to take over the Star Wars Galaxy starting with Coruscant and all the way to the Outer Rim Territories. What worst is the army of the Seekers joined forces with the Sith to team up to defeat the Autobots. All Demon Commanders and leaders wore capes along with most of their military armed forces and their goal: Annihilate all Transformers and Jedi forever while bringing darkness to the universe. The Sith was defeated at the end of the Transformers Wars and the Dark Future was prevented completely.


Season 1

Season 1 is basically the Return of the Evil Sith Lords after many years since the One Sith Died and also Megatron died thus cybetron is at peace.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 3 is where the final battle begins where Autobots try to do one last attempt to end the Transformers Wars and prevent Darth Grievous's transformation of the Galaxy.

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