"Fear. Vengence. Justice. Power. Honor. Hate. Love. Death. Emotion. It's all in us.{C

Darth Raven to Ben.

Star Wars VII: Last of the Jedi is an upcoming film that is a sequel to Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. It serves as the 7th film in the saga.


20th Century Fox



Ben Skywalker

Trevor Williams

Darth Raven


Luke Skywalker

Mary Travloy




James Filter



Darth Vader(in visions)


Teaser Trailer-Darth Raven is walking toward the screen. A few clones come towards him. He cuts them in half using his red lightsaber. He goes into a room with alot of clones and droids in there. They start shooting at him. He blocks the blasts with his lightsaber. Then he jumps onto a droid and cuts its gun off. He then stabs it. A clone runs after him. He uses the force on him which chokes him(a snap can be heard). Two droids come after him. He throws his lightsaber at them which cuts them in half. He uses the force on every thing in the room which turns into ashes. The room is all quiet. He turns his head. Then a large seven in roman numbers(VII) is shown.

Teaser Trailer 2- (Note: Darth Vaders breathing is heard through the whole trailer)The screen is black. Then the screen shows Ben looking down. Mary looking at Ben. Trevor walking away, but he stops and turns his head around, looking serious. A Tie-fighter lands on a landing hanger on Kamino. An eldery Luke. A Tie-Bomber heading toward Coruscant. A fridgerator door opens with a damaged Ben looking into it. Vion standing on a balcony on a building in Coruscant smileing with the wind hitting his hair. Trevor and Ben running toward the screen(Trevor is wielding a blue lightsaber while Ben wields a green one). Yoda looking devastated. A Boba Fett looking quite older(his armor is grey instead of green). A ressurected Darth Maul with no shirt and with bionical legs holding a red double-blade lightsaber. Darth Raven walking toward the screen. Then a falling building on Coruscant hiting another building. Then the title appears.Edit

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