Star Wars VIII:The Wrath of Bane is a sequel to Star Wars VII:Last of the Jedi. It is the 8th film in the Star Wars saga.


20th Century Fox



Teaser-A clip from Star wars VII is shown with Ben looking down. Ben then rideing a motor bike. Then Ben looking into a fridgerator. Now in new footage from Episode VIII, Ben looks at the screen(his eyes are yellow and red) and shows him bowing to Darth Bane. The screen is black. Ben then screams in pain. Darth Bane tells Ben to rise. Ben responds, but now in Darth Vaders voice, Yes Master. A shot then shows Ben in a new Darth Vader costume. Then he breathes. While Lullaby by The Cure plays through the rest of the trailer, a shot of Ben(with red bladed lightsaber) fights Trevor(with blue bladed lightsaber). Then Mary tells Ben, You've turned to the Dark-Side"! A starfighter flies through space. A tattooed man whips a skinny shirtless man with a wip with him screaming out in pain. Trevor says to a heart brokened Luke, Face it. Your son was seduced by the Dark-Side". Ben screams out to a devastated Mary, Join me. Darth Bane swings his Red bladed lightsaber at Luke. Luke blocks it using his Green bladed lightsaber. Two starfighters in space(red and blue). A man with one arm is on the ground screaming with fire on him(supposely Ben). A regular Ben screams with the dust(sand)in the air above his head. The dust turns into Darth Vaders mask. The title is then shown.

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