Star Wars vs. The Lord of the Rings is a crossover story between the Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings series'.



The empire is having great trouble in destroying the Rebel Alliance, even with the powerful Death Star. The imperial leaders including Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, General Grievous, and Grand Moff Tarkin are having a war council on the capital Corocaunt about what to do.

After the meeting Darth Vader ponders on what can be done to destroy the rebels, and in his deep concentration accidentally creates a rift. Darth Vader senses something on the other side, and goes there.

A Whole New WorldEdit

Emperor Palpatine is sitting on his thrown thinking when Vader barges into the throne room. Palpatine turns to him and Vader explains what happened. He tells Palpatine of the rift created. How it leaded to a world unlike their own. He tells Palpatine that he senses an item of great power there that could help them crush the rebellion once and for all. Palpatine tells Vader to return there with Maul and Dooku to retrieve the item, and bring it back to him. All three agree and go.

They go through the rift into Middle Earth. They move across the landscape, and are suddenly surrounded by a group of orcs. One of them asks what they are doing in the land of Sauron, and then mistakes Count Dooku to be Saruman the White, to which Count Dooku kills the orc with his lightsaber, and Vader and Maul then join in, and eventually kill all of the orcs. They then go up a hill and look down at a vast army of orcs, ura-kai, and many other creatures. A band or orcs heard the dying screams of their companions, and are running to see what happened. The three Sith lords run back to and through the rift, arriving back at Corocaunt.

The CampaignEdit

Vader, Maul, and Dooku return to Palpatine telling him that they need a considerable number of troops to get the item of power do to the huge army they saw. Palpatine thinks about it, and then tells Grievous to prepare a large amount of troops to go off on a campaign, and that they are going to go as well.

When everyone is ready the imperial forces go through the interdimensional riff into Middle Earth. The imperial army with its foot soldiers, walkers, and fighters move across the plains.

Lurtz is patrolling the area with a group of uru-kai and sees the army.

Lurtz returns to the general Gothmog and tells him of what he saw. Lurtz insists on leading a blitzkrieg against them but Gothmog tells him that they have to wait for the army to be ready to fight. Lurtz reluctantly agrees. Gothmog sends for Sarman the White and reinforcements to face the technologically advanced foe.


A group of rebels led by Luke Skywalker infiltrates the Imperial Palace (that used to be the Senate Building). Luke senses the rift leading into Middle Earth. He and his companions that include Han Solo, Leia Organa, Yoda, Chewbacca, and R2-D2 eventually go through the rift.

They enter Middle Earth marveling about it. They travel across the plains (though in a different direction then the imperial army. They eventually reach a mountain, and are ambushed by the fellowship. Aragorn tries to attack Luke from behind, though his attack is stopped by Luke who sensed the attack through the force, and blocks Narsil with his lightsaber. Luke is confused to how his attacker's sword isn't sliced in half. The two then have a duel. Yoda leaps to help Luke though Gandalf the White gets in his way and the two of them face off. Han and Chewy are runnign to help, but Han is shot at by Legolas, so Han runs behind a boulder and fires at Legolas with his blaster. Gimli tries to sneak up on Han but Chewbacca attacks him and they brawl. The fights continue for a while until Chewbacca and Gimli fall off of a cliff, and hang on for their lives, Han does a direct attack on Legolas and they are both injured, Yoda and Gandalf blow each other to opposite ends of the cliff and Luke and Aragorn have their blades against each other's throats. It is a standstill. Yoda and Gandalf telapathically contact each other and find out that neither of them want to harm the other. They both assure their sides that they can stop fighting. Yoda lifts both Gimli and Chewbacca on top of the cliff with the force.

Around a campfire the fellowship reveals that they attacked them since Luke looked like a Sith Lord who then know is evil. Luke asks how Narsil was able to clash with a lightsaber without breaking, Aragorn proposes that it is perhaps because of the magical nature of Narsil. Aragorn reveals that they are heading to Mordor. They are protecting Frodo Baggins on his journey there. Sam, Merry, and Pippin are also in the group. The rebel group decides to aid the fellowship in destroying the ring.

The Battle BeginsEdit

Saruman returns to Gothmog after getting word of the situation. Sauron comes as well. They line the troops up at a mountain pass that the Emprie is going to try to pass through. There they hope to keep them at bay, and eventually defat them.

The Empire is advancing and sees the army of Mordor standing in their path. Sauron signals a flag meaning that Sauron will come to talk to Palpatine. Palpatine exits his walker and approaches the approaching Sauron who has the Witch-King of Angmar and Gothmog with him. Sauron tells Palpatine that he can tell they are from a different world, and that they should turn back while they still can. Palpatine tells Sauron that they will not leave without the item they are searching for which Sauron reveals is the one ring that he is after. Palpatine tells Sauron that he will crush his army and then take the ring and rule both worlds to which Sauron tells Palpatine he will do the same. Sauron, the Witch-King, and Gothmog return to their side. Grievous approaches Palpatine and he tells Grievous to begin the march.

Sauron, the Witch-King, and Gothmog arrive back at their side and turn to see the imperial army marching towards them. Sauron tells Gothmog and the Witch-King to have their troops begin to march as well.

The two armies approach each other and as they meet there is a huge battle. Sauron from a far says, "And so it begins."

Quest to MordorEdit

The group of heroes are moving across the plains of Rohan on their way to Mordor. They are eventually surrounded by the Rohirrim. Eomer confronts Aragorn and asks what they are all doing. Aragorn tells him of their quest to Mordor to destroy the one ring. Eomer lets them go, warning them that Uru-Kai and Wild Men freely roam the plains of Rohan, killing everyone in their path. The group then continues on.

The BattleEdit

The forces of Sauron and the Empire are facing off in the plain in front of the Black Gate.

On the side of the Empire the Sith Lords and Boba Fett battle.

On Sauron's side Lurtz and the Nazgul help fight.

The fight is large and really destructive. The AT-ATs and oliphaunts charge at each other. The AT-AT's are immune to the arrows fired from the Wicked Men at them, but they are able to blast the oliphaunts down with their blasters, causing trouble for Sauron's forces. Imperial fighters attack the forces of Mordor from above. Sauron has crows attack them, and the Nazgul mount their fell beasts to deal with the threat of the fighters.

Palpatine is inside of a walker watching the battle. General Grievous begins to gloat about how it appears that they are going to defeat the far less advanced opponent. Palpatine tells him not to underestimate them. Grievous replies by saying that Sauron's army doesn't stand a chance.

Meanwhile Gothmog confesses to Sauron that he is worried about their chances of defeating Palpatine's army. Sauron seems confident that they can win.


The fellowship continues and eventually reaches the city of Osgiliath. They are confronted by Faramir and many of his men. The warriors surround themselves. Faramir arrests the group.

They fellowhip is locked up in a building. The creature Gollum has been following them for a long time. He reveals to Faramir that they have the One Ring. Faramir tries to take it but Luke uses his force persuasion to leave it and let them go. The fellowship then leaves Osgiliath, and leaves for Mordor.

The ContestEdit

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