Staring into the Abyss is a 2011 Drama Thriller film written and directed by M. Night Shymalan and a sequel to Shymalan's classic 1995 Thriller The Sixth Sense.

The films stars Bruce Willis reprising his role as the child psychologist ghost: Dr. Malcolm Crowe, Haley Joel Osment as the child who sees dead people Cole Sear who is a now an adult father devoid of his once remarkable gift, Alison Lohman as Cole's wife/mother of their infant son, Gena Rowlands as the now elderley Anna Crowe.

The film is based off the music video Kids by MGMT which M. Night Shymalan greatly liked.


The former sixth sense possessing Cole Sear has grown up to be a father of an infant son and loving husband of Meredith Sear as well as possessing the job of being a child psychologist.

He hasn't seen any dead people since the passing of ghost psychologist Malcolm Crowe.

However with the creation of his infant son Daniel comes the fear prophecized eigth sense.

The ability to see not spectres but subterrestials.

Subterrestials with which realizing they now have contact with a human indivivual and can seize control of him.

The ghost of Malcolm Crowe is sent back to save the endangered child of Cole Sear.


The demons of this film are those of the dead who through strong emotional power lived on as corporeal spirit most commonly known as demons.


The Wolf

In the film the Wolf Demon is a paedophile whom worked as a character on a children's show where he was the character of a wolf.

He raped, defiled and even murdered the child cast members on the show and was killed by the parents of the victims as the courts failed to have him arrested.

The Grandmother

In the film there is a Grandmother monster whom was originally just an old women killed courtesy of three male teenagers whom crashed into her house.

The Naked Woman

One monster in the film is a naked woman with white eyes whom was in fact a child psychologist once acquainted with Dr. Malcolm Crowe.

She was raped and murdered by three competor lawyors and rendered blind by them for their sexual defiling of her. Her beaten to death body was left naked hence why she appears in nudity in appearence for little Daniel Sear.

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