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"Conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies."
—Starscreams Motto[src]

For his Heroic Counterpart see Starscream (SG)

Starscream is the Cybertronian Air Commander of the evil Air Warrior force known as the evil seeker jets from the planet cybertron and second in command to Darth Grievous in the evil Sith Legion. He is a mortal enemy of the Autobot Jets and the Autobot Fleet. He hates Optimus Prime, he hates his enemies, he hates the 3 Evilleros and he wishes to become leader of the Sith Empire. He is once working for the evil MEgatron and the evil Decepticons until Megatrons death in the hands of Prime. Starscreams strategies are without flaws and often lead the Seeker planes to many victories like the battle of Mustafar, battle of Hypori, Operation Starscream's Lance and the Battle of Malastare. His jet mode is very fast for such a seeker plane and his speed is faster than any flying vehicle in the universe. After many defeats Starscream was the first to be upgraded with a new alternate mode of an F-22 Raptor. During the final stages of the Transformers Wars he beaten up most of the Autobot Jets thanks to his new faster F-22 Raptor Alternate mode. He even beat up most of the Autobot Jets including Jetfire and Jetstorm. After his defeat on Korriban Starscream went into hiding after the Transformers Wars building a massive seeker plane army on an unknown planet to later take over the universe and get revenge against Optimus Prime.



Starscream after his upgrades

Starscream is one of the deadliest air warriors ever to emerge from the early battles of the Transformers Wars. Before the war begins Starscream reactivated Crumplezone, Ransack, Thundercracker, Skywarp and the other Seeker jets to assist Starscream take over Cybertron and the universe. Because of Megatrons death and he needs a new leader he and his evil Seekers had no choice but to allied himself early on with the evil Demon General Darth Grievous, realizing that the Siths way was the easiest path to absolute power. He takes joy in destruction, his shrill laughter echoing across any battlefield over which he flies. Despite his power, he is a coward at heart, a bully more than a tyrant. He lives to lord his strength over those weaker than him, but he lives in fear of anyone stronger. He often argues with his superiors.

Starscream was captured by the Autobots and was cloned by the Autobots in order to create the Autobot Spy the Starscream Clone. Later after founding out the assets are imprisoned on Cybertron Starscream along with the other 3 combiners were liberated by the Sith and Starscream killed the clone of himself. He then attempts to get revenge against the Autobots for trapping him in prison for a long time by destroying more of Cybertrons Cities and conquering half of Cybertron. His attack and invasion has failed and Starscream was forced to retreat.

During the years of the Transformers Wars he was leading assaults on many planets and had drained most planets of their Energy. He was killing armies of Autobots and Jedi and was laughing at their deaths and something changed him. His lust for power and hunger for destruction made Starscream very powerful. Also his strategy is without flaw as he lead an attack on several planets and killed many Jedi and enslaved millions of innocent creatures. In the aftermath of the Malevolence IIs destruction he help lead an invasion force of evil Seekers to try to take over Cybertron but he failed when Optimus Primes Autobots arrived to stop Starscreams nasty takeover of the planet. Starscreams wing was blown off by Drift the Autobot Samurai warrior car in an epic battle.

After loosing many battles Starscream, Thundercracker, Darth Grievous, Gigatron and Skywarp got upgraded for more power. Starscream was rebuilt with many deadly dark and destructive materials and was given an alternate mode of an F-22 Raptor. After the 5 has upgraded into stronger machines the evil forces later defeated Optimus Prime and most of the Autobot Commanders as a team and stolen the Matrix of Leadership to weaken the Autobots war effort. He was later seen giving the Matrix to Darth Grievous and was awarded with a Star System to Dictate over but that Star System was later liberated by the Autobots lead by Ultra Magnus.

During the final days of the war Starscream beaten up and shot down Breakaway, Wing Saber, Skyfire, Jetstorm and all the Autobot planes thanks to his new F-22 Raptor mode.
Starscreams exile

Starscream retreats into hidding after Darth Grievous's Death

In the Last episode Starscream and the Seekers were defeated by the Aerialbots and were forced into exile in the Galaxy after Darth Grievous's death and the Autobots victory. He was later seen wearing a large purple cape and witnessing an army of Seeker planes being constructed on an unknown planet to be later used to take over the galaxy.

Dark Future

If Darth Grievous's dark future was to happen Starscream and any transformers loyal to him will be turned to stone forever which means the EX-Decepticons will follow their Autobot friends to extinction. After being turned to stone the evil Sith Lords that wore evil capes and sombreros then graffitied the stone statues of the decepticon seekers.

Powers and Abilities

Starscream transforms into an F-15 Eagle and serves as the evil seeker Air Commander, leading the other evil Seeker jets, many of whom share his physical design. According to his technical specifications, he can reach speeds up to Mach 2.8, and can climb up to sub-orbital altitudes of 52 miles (84 km) and nose-dive down to ground level in minutes (the real aircraft has a top speed of Mach 2.5 with an altitude ceiling of 65,000 feet (19,800 m), or 12.3 miles). His arm is mounted with launchers (mounted under his wings in jet mode), which can launch two types of weaponry — cluster bombs, each of which can level an area 10,000 square feet (900 m2), and his signature weapon, the null ray, which can disrupt the flow of electricity in any circuitry it hits for brief periods, effectively rendering any electronic device or machine (including Transformers and Star Wars Vehicles) temporarily inoperable. After his upgrade his new alternate form is an F-22 Raptor and wields even more powerful weapons and abilities like the powerful missile hurricane, the force lightning ability and the Death Machine Gun and flies even faster than the Autobot Jets, the other Seeker planes and even other flying machines including any flying starfighters. In both his normal form and his upgraded form his hands are retractable lightsabers built for melee combat. He is a skilled Tactician and a brutal enemy and was one of Darth Grievous's most trusted sidekick. He can also burn his enemies with his flamethrower attacks. He sometimes has some Dark side powers like his Sith Allies.

Physical Appearance

He looks like the Starscream from G1 and Revenge of the Fallen.

Personality and traits

Starscream was a brutal Leader and often wishes to overthrow his Dark Lord Commander and take over as ruler of the universe. He often shoots his battle droids for various failures and he also laugh at things that run in fear and often argues with his superiors. He always wants revenge against his enemies and he often uses his Null Ray to get disobedient things to obey his orders. He always fight unfairly and against the rules of war and he was a brutal Tactician that often leads his forces to victory. He always fufill the role of a seeker by protecting the leaders of their Empires and made destruction everywhere he goes. He also tried to learn variuous sith magic and dark magic from his superiors to used against Autobots. He is often partnered up with his Dark Lord commander for no reason. He loves BotCon conventions.


G1Starscream toy

Starscream Toy

Generation 1

  • Starscream (Decepticon Jet, [tel:1984/1985/1986 1984/1985/1986])
  • Japanese ID number: 22, TFC-09
  • Accessories: Left & right fists, 2 missile launchers, 2 null rays, 2 cluster bombs, left & right wings, left & right tail fins, left & right tail wings, landing gear
Starscream's first toy began life as "Jet Robo" from the Diaclone line, transforming into a grey, red and blue F-15 Eagle fighter jet. To transform Starscream, one must essentially take most of his plane parts off and transform his body, then reattach most of plane parts on again, along with the addition of two blue fists. If you don't mind being fiddly, though, transformation can certainly be achieved by only removing the fists, weapons and landing gear (which can store in Starscream's cockpit). Owing to the modular nature of his design and the fact that it is impossible to store all the parts in either mode, it can be quite difficult to find an intact original set of this toy.
Starscream is armed with a pair of missile launchers that mount on his arms in robot mode, and under his wings in jet mode, with a pair of specialized projectiles for each. In jet mode, two short "cluster bomb" projectiles are fitted into the launchers to make them resemble the drop tanks a real F-15 carries, while in robot mode, they are replaced with the long barrels of Starscream's null-rays. The original Diaclone version of the mold featured spring-loaded firing mechanisms in these launchers; while this feature was removed for the Hasbro release of the toy, it was left intact for the Takara version, and all subsequent reissues.
The Diaclone version of the Starscream mold featured tailfins with solid tips and solid fists, and both these features carried over to the earliest Transformers edition of the future. Soon, however, the Transformers mold was modified to add hollow tips to the fins, and tabs to the insides of the fists to allow them to hold onto his arms tighter, resulting in a visible slit on either side of each one. These altered versions became the standard for all subsequent reissues of the mold. Like all his 1984 brethren, a rubsign was added to Starscream in 1985.
Starscream's mold was redecoed into the concurrently-available Thundercracker and Skywarp. It would later be redecoed again to make Sunstorm, and retooled into Dirge, Ramjet, and Thrust. On top of this, given his role as a major Generation 1 character, Starscream himself would be reissued many times down the years; this article strives to list each reissue of the figure under its own header. The long lifespan of his toy actually began in 1986, when Starscream remained part of the assortment for that year despite the departure of nearly every other 1984 toy from store shelves.

Starscream (Deluxe, 2009/2010)

Universe2008 deluxe G1Starscream

The newest Starscream toy

Accessories: 2 missile launchers (left and right), 2 missiles

The second Universe Starscream toy is a redeco of Classics Starscream, in a colour layout quite similar to (but not the same as) the Henkei! Henkei! version of the mold but using the Hasbro Masterpiece colors. :Several minor changes were made to this mold for this release. The holes for his missile launchers in his arms were widened, as were the launcher's insertion pegs. The wing's missile launcher insertion points were lengthened and are now curved at the end. The last rectangle on his air intakes, was further modified from the Classics version this time the bottom most rectangle goes completely across the air intake's surface rather than just the center. Henkei Thundercracker, Sunstorm and Skywarp also saw most of these changes.

This mold is also made to create the Starscream Clone which has blue eyes instead of red, Skywarp, Thundercracker and Acid Storm.

Starscreams Ghost

Henkei ghost starscream

Starscreams ghost

Available only as a mail-away exclusive offered through Transformers Generations 2009 Vol 2 that was released in November 2009, this redeco of Starscream is the second in the character's history to pay homage to his time as a ghost in the third season of the Generation 1 cartoon by casting him almost entirely in traslucent colored plastic. Parts of the figure made in softer plastic, like his thighs, remain opaque.
Starscream Ghost Version uses the altered version of the Classics Starscream mold that originated with Classics Skywarp and was last seen with Acid Storm (down to the 2006 copyright date stamped on it), rather than the modified version first used on Universe Starscream and the iterations that followed (see below). He has the date K0409 (11/04/2009) etched into the inside of his leg.

Starscream (Voyager Class toys, 2009/2010)


The new upgraded Starscream toy

Revenge of the Fallen Voyager class Starscream is an all new mold that is far more accurate in both modes than the previous Voyager Starscream toy from the 2007 Transformers movie line. His F-22 Raptor mode's design is no longer severely compromised by the play pattern or transformation gimmicks that plagued the 2007 toy. His robot mode is more accurate to the movie design, no longer burdened with having giant handless rotating missile launchers, Revenge Starscream has 2 arm-mounted launchers sculpted to resemble his M61A2 Vulcan 20 mm rotary cannon. Starscream's Mech Alive gimmick is linked between his head and chest: when you turn his head, the gears in his chest spin. Curiously, although almost every other part of his alt mode is rearranged, this Starscream's nose cone doesn't flip down to reveal his head. He has amber light piping for his eyes, but they've been painted over in red.
The surface of Starscream's fighter mode and robot mode are covered in Cybertronian glyphs, based on his appearance in the Revenge of the Fallen movie, but chronologically first appeared in Alliance issue 1. In a strange backwards step from the mostly-accurate Deep Space Starscream, and his stock photo, Revenge Starscream's main base color is a light beige.
According to the stock photographs of the hand-painted prototype, Starscream's hands originally had a joint down the middle of his palms, possibly to facilitate in hiding them in fighter mode. His arm-mounted cannons were also originally separate parts from his forearms, jointed to move back and forth, again possibly to hide them in fighter mode. However, on the final toy, the hands are molded as one piece and cannot be hidden in vehicle mode, and his cannons' details (including the joints) are simply molded directly onto his arms. His knee caps were also a separate movable piece and not joined to his upper leg. It is assumed this was done for cost cutting. His packaging call-outs (excepting Europe) still claim that he has "pop out missile launchers," despite this gimmick's removal. The toy's instructions include a superfluous "flip down hands" step, and depict the missile launchers extended with partially-folded hands when describing the missile-launch action.

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