Starscream FFA
Name Starscream
Species Decepticon
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Decepticons
Wins 0
Losses 0

Starscream is a fictional character in the Transformers franchise. He is one of the most prolific characters in the Transformers fictional work, appearing in almost all incarnations of the story. Starscream is usually portrayed with the same characterization. Formerly being a scientist, Starscream is a treacherous, high ranking Decepticon who turns into a jet and is known to often challenge his leader Megatron for leadership of the Decepticons. He is the secondary antagonist of the whole franchise.

In Fanonified Fighting Arena

Starscream will be fighting in his first battle against Kratos very soon.

Combatants Starscream Fought Against


Wins: 0

Losses: 0

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