Step Up 4ever is the upcoming 2015 3D dance film sequel to Step Up 3D, Step Up 2 and Step Up. It is to have Rick Malambri, Adam G. Sevani and Alyson Stoner reprise their roles from the previous instalments and star Chris Hemsworth and Rumer Willis.


The film begins where the third left off as Moose applying to Major in both Engineering and Dance. He however only majors in the engineering field and fails his dance much to his and and Camille's dismay. The two so decide to work out a schedule enabling him a startling career as a Mechanic impressing his parents greatly and helping him step up to a higher level of dancing. Camille puts Moose back into the House of Pirates as her parents have payed to ship her off to Berkely University.

Moose finds much of the Pirates to have disbanded into their prestigous crews to win the glory in the world championship of beating the Bulletstrom Dancing Crew. Moose sneds out what's left of his dancers to recruit more of the best dancers to prepare to take them to glory and comes back with their faraway leader Luke's younger brother Nathaniel Katcher. Nathaniel however only agrees in hope he will get to meet a particular dancing girl of the Everrhart dancing crew who has striked his heart. The group faces plaguerism of dance from the wasps crew, street dancers, money debt and a rivarly with the Everrharts. Moose eventually leads his new team and Nathaniel through to glory which then spirals them onto the Ladder Dancing Competition which offers documented truth of being the best dancer.


  • Rick Malambri as Jake Katcher
  • Sharni Vinson as Natalie
  • Adam G. Sevani as Moose
  • Alyson Stoner as Camille Gage
  • Rumer Willis as Cadence Everrhart
  • Chris Hemsworth as Nathaniel Katcher
  • Facundo Lombart as the Santiago Twins
  • Thesis as Kiddo Venturo
  • The JabbaWockeeZ Crew as The Red Silents
  • Emma Bell as Amy Lase

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