Full Name Sterling Malory Archer
Place of Birth McLean, Virginia, U.S.A.
Relatives John Archer (father), Malory Archer (mother)
Employer International Secret Intelligence Services
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Height 6'2" ft.
Weight 184 lbs.
Occupation Private clandestine services operative
Alias Chet Manley
Relationships Lana Kane (girlfriend), Katya Kasanova (ex-girlfriend)
Base of operations New York City, New York

Sterling Malory Archer was born and raised in McLean, Virginia. His father, John Fitzgerald Archer, was an airline pilot and former U.S. Navy fighter pilot. His mother, Malory Walter-Archer, was a CIA case officer who operated under non-official cover as a freelance journalist.

After graduating from high school, Archer went on to Georgetown University. He graduated from Georgetown with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army via the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps. While at Georgetown, Archer decided to become an intelligence officer. Upon graduating from the Military Intelligence Officer Basic Course at the U.S. Army Intelligence Center, he was assigned to the 513th Military Intelligence Brigade at Fort Gordon. Archer served as an all-source intelligence officer within the 297th Military Intelligence Battalion. He later attended the Defense Intelligence Agency's Military Operations Training Course and was eventually assigned to the 202nd Military Intelligence Battalion as a human intelligence officer.

With numerous commendations, Archer left the Army after eight years of service. Around that same time, his mother, Malory Archer, was made CEO of International Secret Intelligence Services and asked him to join the firm soon after he was discharged from the Army. ISIS is a privately funded covert and clandestine services organization contracted by the U.S. government to perform short-term deep-cover unilateral espionage operations. However, publicly, International Secret Intelligence Services is simply an obscure, but high-tech New York City-based firm that provides open source intelligence gathering and security management services in the private sector.

Although he was initially reticent to join ISIS because he didn't want to receive any employment position through nepotism, Archer eventually accepted the job offer. He then underwent an intensive operational training course to train him in so-called "operational intelligence" or "tradecraft" espionage skills, including advanced weapons training, surveillance, explosives, clandestine photography, infiltration, and exfiltration techniques. Archer was also trained for night parachuting, tactical high speed emergency driving, rappelling from helicopters, and dry and wet demolition. Because of his military experience, he excelled through training.

After training, Archer joined International Secret Intelligence Services and was given the title of a Senior Associate. Officially, he is simply involved in security consulting and information brokering. In reality, Archer is a field operative tasked with activities such as espionage, reconnaissance missions, wiretapping and undercover surveillances.

In the field, he is typically used in situations where more than one operative - even though highly secret - would arouse too much attention. By assuming a false identity and utilizing the most advanced espionage technology, Archer goes deep undercover to infiltrate secure installations and seize critical intelligence or apprehend dangerous and elusive individuals that pose a threat to U.S. national security. Because ISIS is a private intelligence service independent of the U.S. government national security apparatus, he can disregard various laws and international treaties in order to accomplish a mission. Once Archer's orders have been given, there are no required procedures for the fulfillment of the mission. He can use whatever means he deems necessary. Success is all that matters.

Sterling Archer's extraordinary work has made him International Secret Intelligence Services's premier field operative and perhaps the world's greatest secret agent.


  • An animated version of this character appears on the FX network television series Archer.

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